Hi I am mh sufferer and am in temp accomadation due to being violently assaulted at my previous place. I was in hostel before this place

Social services staff have been taken over by private for profit firm and cut staff so no one on duty to care for anyone here one resident died here and all the company cared about was worried about losing the contract.. Am seeing mh services becoming no more than income stream for companies so what to do put up with all this or do what. ?

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  • that must be a worry for you, is there a chance to move? I hope your mh team an help.

  • Moving has become a huge problem for me and very confusing indeed Iput iin application to relocate but due to localism act I was taken off list it has not helped matters

  • Hi bobchewie

    I am so sorry to hear of your dilemma. There is no easy answer to your issue is there? The only thing I can suggest (and this would take a long time) and that is to save some money, if your funds run to it, and move yourself privately as you are in a no win situation. I sincerely hope that your mh team help you in some way?

    Please take care


  • That comes up too. Going private. Trouble is stories about private landlords who dislike claimants and think they are criminal types ..Ive seen landlord association news letters and its

    Uncomfortable reading. Its catch 22 a charity in another part of london wants my help setting up a group but state it would help if I was resident there but th the council won't move me there claiming I have no contacts there ..figure that one out.

  • Actually its odder than that because that

    Council have added that if you are contributing to the community ie volunteering it might add housing points

    Trouble its getting me back on their register is the problem

  • In the mean time I am becoming more unwell which is ironic since in that councils rules there is proviso about if place yyou are living at is making you unwell. Could be grounds for moving you

  • Hi bobchewie

    It really is a difficult situation for you. I do not know London very well but are there any housing associations that deal with particular health problems? There are where I live in Derby and maybe this could be another avenue to explore. Good luck and I sincerely hope that you can sort something out.


  • As I say its catch 22 the council claim I have no connrctions at target borough whilst charity wants my input providing I am a resident there...the irony being is the possibility my health would improve by moving there ...but being stuck here has the opposite effect ...irony again as requirement of council in order to move is to prove where I live is making me unwell....go figure that lot out

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