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Who do you think should receive a New Years Honour?

Perhaps you would choose someone like Janice Hartley who has worked for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) for 35 years and, earlier this year, received recognition for her achievements and was made a Companion of the Order of the Bath for “services to the Development of Universal Credit” .

At the DWP, she is the department’s implementation and delivery director for the Universal Credit Programme that has combined various benefits into one payment for customers, and we all know what a disaster this has turned out to be.

Nineteen staff from across the DWP received awards in the Queen's June honours list after going above and beyond their duties and making a real difference in claimants day to day lives.

So who would you choose?

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Me for putting up with Duncan xxxx

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I do not really believe in any of these awards. exept perhaps for a very ordinary person that has done something very special that could contribute to the well being of others, eg perhaps certain volunteers.


I love the irony. I can never believe hat people are honoured for doing a job they are paid to do and often very ineptly. I think it should only go to unpaid people who do marvellous work within the community or someone who has done an extremely brave act that has saved others. There is so much cronism with honours it makes my blood boil.x


Agree totally with Rosewine, you already paid to do job, just get on with it, and try getting it right !


Hi, I too do not believe in getting rewarded for doing a job, which by the way they are being paid handsomely for! The fact that the reward is for causing devastation to thousands and thousands of people, is in my opinion, adding way too much insult to way too much injury!!! The idea that this should be rewarded just proves that, their own selfish egos are regarded with much more consideration, than the lives of the people they have destroyed. DISGUSTING!!!


Demonising everyone at the DWP and tarring them all with the same brush is not going to help anyone. They are hard working individuals with families that have just celebrated christmas like all of us.

Also they are implementing government policy and it is there that the fault lies and not with the people doing their jobs. I did think that this post was not going to be a positive one.

As to people doing their job and getting awards. I have no problem with a nurse, fireman and policeman receiving an award for doing their job. As there are plenty of examples of people going beyond the minimum.

Reforming the honours system would be good and cutting down the political appointees etc but that's a separate discussion. I have dealt with good people that work for the DWP through the jobcentre and we are working with them to help educate their advisors in relation to fibro. This was people reaching out to us.

So not everyone at the DWP should be painted with the same brush no matter how bad some people have been affected bu austerity enforced policies or commercial companies working at politicians behest.


We are not saying that everyone should be tarred with the same brush, as you put it! I know first hand how hard the lower classed employees work, because I used to work for the DWP. It is the people at the top who invent these ideas (with no idea how the other half live, that are in question, and who are consequently rewarded for basically ruining lives! We know that the hardworking employees are just following orders, and to be honest, do not agree with what they are implementing most of the time, so the fault never lies with them! It is the people with the crackpot ideas who put them into practice, and let's face it, they are not about improving people's lives, but all about saving money, under the guise of improving the system!!!


but the post is really going towards "take a shot" at the DWP in this forum and a couple of others.


Hi all

I think by the replies so far, that we all agree that really we do not want to actively criticise anyone despite many failings as it is down to the government as a whole.

Also members have stated that many do not believe anyone should get a New Years Honour for doing their job and would really like to hear about people who go above and beyond within community services that help the public.

Therefore in my opinion this post does not serve any purpose as your question will not be answered here. Thank You for your contribution however I think this kind of post would be better placed on a political discussion forum.

All the best

Emma :)


Kenn dodd


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