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Struggling with constant migraines and headaches at moment, having to do christmassy bits in instalments when painkillers work .Friday had tooth extracted, causing face to look like puffa fish, had to still take cat to vet as she wad not eating/drinking . Its my 50th birthday tomorow so really hoping for bit of relief going for meal at lunchtime with friends if all ok. At least i have a temporary tooth in so wont look like fagin. Any suggestions on getting rid of bad head welcome.

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Morning Shazzy,

Happy Birthday sorry you are suffering with such bad heads. I think having your tooth out will make an enormous difference, once it has settled down.

My only suggestion is treat yourself really kindly , make sure you are drinking enough water - should be 8 glasses a day well thats how I work it. The more water the easier the head will be. If it is nigglings away then lie down dark room and rest. Christmas will still be there tomorrow :) So turn this off and rest.!

Take care



.good morning and happy birthday, have you tried Forhead, That thing that looks like lipsill ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it has helped me in the past sue


Hi shazzy, and Happy 50th birthday for tomorrow. :-)

I too have been blighted by migraines and headaches lately, I'm not sure what's caused them to come back with a vengeance, but they have. Ho hum.

I will tell you how I handle my 'normal headaches' but most certainly would not advocate that anyone else does this, it's just what has worked for me. I take three 'extra pain' painkillers because I know that will stop the headache......if I took two then I know I would have to take another two, four hours later. Please do NOT do this without checking with either your doctor or a pharmacist beforehand !!

For my migraines I take Maxalt (rizatriptan), which work vey well with coping with the pain, but still leave feeling like I've been run over by a bus, but then anything is better than a full blown migraine ! Again, I advise you to check with your doctor, Maxalt is only available on prescription.

Can you put your finger on anything that triggers your migraines and headaches? If so, do your best to avoid it, though I know so many people who get so flustered at this time of year it's hard to avoid things you normally would be able to.

I hope you are able to go ahead and join your friends tomorrow for lunch, and have a really lovely day, welcome to the 50's :-)

Foggy x


Thanx fi


Hi if really bad and alone, don't mind what you look like. Tablespoon of oil, 1-2 drop of peppermint oil, gently massage into temples, cools the head, bliss


the only thing that help me is solpherdin, the one that dissolve in water. had my worst migraine to day took two lots and felt a bit better by mid afternoon. rest plenty tonight and keep warm and have the best birthday you can, your only 50 once happy birthday


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