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Deck the Halls a hilarious movie tonight for our delight

Seems entirely apt Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holy.

Tonight is the inter soloist when as pagans we would gather holy and ivy and herbs such as rosemary each with different meaning but all to ward off the devil and welcome spring,

The rosemary meant the house had a strong woman especially when it grew in profusion.

The Ivy was for constancy and the strong vigorous holy kept the devil out side the walls.

We still keep our pagan traditions without knowing it.

So enjoy and keep safe!!


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Ah, the winter solstice, my favourite day of the year.......onwards to spring I say :D :D

That's so interesting about rosemary gins, I never knew that, I thought rosemary was a sign of remembrance, I've clearly got it wrong, cos it's hanging in a basket outside my front door, and I'm certainly not what one would class as a strong eeerrrrr :o :o maybe there's hope for me yet then :D

Foggy x


Hehe,you do make me laugh foggy :D


Oh Foggy I heard you were a lady with tremendous courage and that will do for me so maybe not physically strong but mentally a colossus. I think that was a compliment xxgins


Awww bless you gins, what a lovely thing to say, and I think the very same applies to you as well :-) if not more so !

Foggy x


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