okay my luvlies a while we sup our coffee and tea tell me how we build a strategy to beat our fibro thats the game

Ken we need a hand please join in have a coffee and a bun :) Now beat the fibro well

1. Let sit in the sun we haven't managed that for such a long time. I think the rays keep it a are just by bay!

2. Exercise we are just by sitting here having a giggle and passing the buns


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  • Aha! you were in the conference room Gins, been looking for you I have brought the bacon, rolls and condiments through from the other room :D

    3. Relaxation................ sexy dude massaging feet :)

  • sexy dude massaging feet ooh how wonderful tha is a brilliant idea zeb

  • 4. More relaxation .......... Expert deep tissue massage with either non scented (for those of us sensitive to smell) and lots of lovely essential oils to choose from. :-)

  • Mmh we do need it dont we foggy expert deep massage lovely ooh

  • A soak in the bath with lavender bubble bath. Followed by dry skin treated with lavender oil. Then snuggle dawn in a comfy bed that has freshly changed bedding, heaven.

  • like the sound of that right now :)

  • I wish I could actually get in a bath!!! :(

  • Thats not good we will build a walk in bath in virtual reality land, What would you like to see or do to make things better for us all?

  • Me too havent managed that for several years thank goodness for a shower xxgins

  • sometimes I can and sometimes I can`t, It depends on the pain levels in my arms sue x

  • I saw Occy health when in hospital and got a bath lift and its amazing even though it takes up so much room but to be able to have a bath again after many years of not being able to ....................... Brilliant!!

  • So we are up to No 6 what do we reckon How about a glass of cool dry champagne and strawberries to dip in it. no7 a podiatrist of our own to look after our tootsies!

    no 8 while we are at it a rheumatologist with knowledge of fibro and new methods to treat it.


  • no9 our chauffeur driven car so we can visit each other!

    no10 A comedian for grey days who will either make us laugh or who we can throw things at!

  • no. 11 Chocolate fountain and lots of delicious fruit to dip in it :)

  • Training for ALL medical staff so that they will at least know that fibro is NOT a "All about pain", and that pain is only one part of a complicated puzzle.

  • I've been saying that this morning actually!!! spoooooooky :o

  • Mayrose is so right and Zeb you too, lets teach them our problems so they can at least try and understand our position.

  • Exactly, it might not be a life threatening illness either but it sure is life changing having to adapt to a completely new way of life and learning how to do everything you already know in a different way.

    My GP said yes to an awareness pack today, was pleased to hear there was one available :)

    If everyone could do that it would help wouldn't it!?!

    (must message Emma for said awareness pack) :)

  • 12. A lovely warm hydrotherapy pool with a physio who knows what specific exercises suit each of our needs, and nice huge white fluffy warm towels to wrap ourselves in afterwards :-)

  • No 13. We're all young, tanned, athletic and gorgeous... oh! dozed off and just woke up. Must have been dreaming. Xx

  • Can I share in the dream please, turned a awkward after drawing the blinds and went down on my knees but why a head ache I dont know .Unless that is where I now keep my brain now. :)

  • of c ourse you can and will share in the dream do hope you are ok xxgins

  • Lol

  • Hi there weelamb did you like the piccy I posted for you? :)

  • Awe yes love it, y thx u , didn't know it was 4me haha!!! X

  • :)

  • No. 14 An endless supply of jaffa cakes

  • ooooh yes, please :-)

  • oooh yum

  • Definitely, so low in fat :) eat as many as you like :)

  • keeping warm and cosy, so have lit the woodburner; having chocolate and a cuppa on hand; lots of cuddles and positive support; oh and a good supply of codeine to supplement the other meds when things get really tough......like today when I unexpectedly had to deal with a whole load of mildew because some numpty (not me) closed up the air brick in the bedroom ffs. Cue lots of cussing, cloths, wipes and towels........and guess who's got to wash a whole load of clothing she hadn't anticipated.........pah!!

    Oh, stuff it - bring on the alcohol lol!!

  • I would love to join you :) but booze gives me heartburn :( so cheers anyway..

  • no 15 the best film you've ever watched.

  • No 16. A couple of weeks at a really swanky 'otel where you can use Flotation tanks,Saunas & Steam Rooms and have Beauty treatments etc! All with lovely food by a Michelin star Chef with healthy fruit & veg smoothies full of vitamins & anti-oxidants !

  • That sounds very good xx :)

  • Hi there I am a newbie to this site, but have been on the thyroid site for a couple of years...

    Thought I would join in, so for No 16 how about a big fluffy cloud to carry us along when we feel so tired and ache all over....If only huh? :-)))

  • Everyone is welcome to join in :) It's all a bit of fun! Cloud sounds lovely :)

  • I used to live in Florida and the clouds there were the best, I was well at that time but even then I used to want to just jump into them...:-)

  • No18 a meadow full of fresh sweet grass and daisies so we can lay back and watch those fluffy clouds. :-)

  • No 19 As you lay on the gentle fresh green grass, smelling the aroma of heaven, the sound of happy children playing carries on the breeze. There is a sense of a moment of perfect beauty.

  • Oh! I'm there :) xx :)

  • Me too :)

  • Would you like a jaffa cake? while we're here.........

    ............ are you comfy?

    Think I'm laying on a stone or twig or something :o

  • just move it out the way it is a bit chilly! xxgins

  • already done, much more comfy ........... virtual land ;) :D ;)

    <<<<POOF>>>> twitch tweek

    Aw look a lovely camp fire............ marshmallow anyone?

  • Oh! I missed this! Only just seen it online at 2.37 am. Typical me!

    Hope everybody is feeling well?

    Ken x xx

  • Hi ken. :-)

  • Hi sandra99b

    Hope that you are as well as can be?

    Ken x

  • Think you're slow. Look at me! Yes, ta. How's you?

  • 20. Lying on a beach, hearing the waves gently lap on the shore while my personal chef cooks the most gorgeous meal and brings it out to me!!! Perfick!! XX

  • No one said a bed time story. My daughter often nodded off before the end so I must have had some effect. Rude comments on a post please

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