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does this happen to anyone else or is it just me?

I have noticed that when I start to come down ill no matter what I do I just end up worse. So for me it all started about almost two weeks ago when I ended up with an ear infection in my right ear that left me not being able to hear properly. I waited 3 days too see if it would sort it self out but it didnt, so i got some meds from the doctors that was supsoded to clear it. Then suddenly a day latter my nose cant decided if it wants to blocked up or have a runny one instead and every time my ear started to get better my nose made it worse. luckerly i dont feel any pain from it.

Know almost two weeks latter i have still have an undeceive nose, a headache, toothache,cold feet/legs, know cant hear properly out of both ears along with the feeling of wanting to be sick but having nothing to throw up as I cant find it in me to eat. Then sometimes i get muscle cramp but it comes and goes.The worse bit is I have taken all the pre precautions and since Thursday i have taken 5 lots of 5mls of calpol as I have a small ish body for adult. I also tried to get on with my everyday life by still going into college as work that needed be done. yet I have only seemed to have got worse no matter what I have done or tried.

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What bad luck I do hope you are feeling better by Christmas if not before---

It doesnt always start like this there are so many variations. Just make sure that any meds you are taking are happy in combination with your regular meds. If any doubt ring or pop to the chemist. You dont want to mix a bad cocktail.


Hi Seanto,

you must be feeling miserable with all that's going on. The thing is, that your ear, nose & throat, are all linked by tubes, and it often happens that when one is not right, it travels to the other place(s). You really should go back to your Dr. (or maybe even A&E) as it would seem that the treatment you were given doesn't seem to be working, as you say "that you can't hear properly out of both your ears now" and when it comes to your hearing, you shouldn't take risks.

Hope you get sorted out soon & that you feel better before long.

Take care



Hi seanto.

I am so sorry to hear that you are having such a wretched time of things. I can never get rid of a cold when I come down with one. No matter how much fruit I eat or how warm I wrap up it feels like it takes forever for it to go away!

I hope that you start to feel better soon. Take care.

Ken (the author) x


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