Is it just me

well I wonder if we are all the same. I feel no different inside my body than I did when I was in my twenties. You all know that wonderful feeling when you need to erupt with laughter at the silliest things. It has not gone away. it can be triggered by sheer unmitigated nonsense. It seems to bubble up completely un warranted so it could be said I am as daft as I always was. = grins madly- It could be the size of some ones nose the hair piece that does not hide the bald head, the sweep over which should of been cut off years ago.

Your next door neighbour who shrieks for her dog at the same time every afternoon sounding like a corncrake eeekkkkkk eeekkkkk com here!

Or the malfunctioning wardrobe the skirt tucked in the knickers , I did that once I was demonstrating flowers to a room full of eager ladies I came on stage turned around and yes half my skirt was up in my pants. It certainly was an ice breaker........... So has any one any funny stories and fancy sharing them with us well today is the day........... need a good pullin of the humour strings.

Heres looking forward to your stories xgins

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  • Ok Gins you asked for it ..... As a teenager in the 80s I wore quite short skirts as I had rather shapely legs .. One early summer evening a group of us strolled to the park being girls we saw a group of teenage boys chatting on a bench so we strolled casually past it was then I saw the slide and being slim decided to have a go on it.... No one else was anywhere near it ..I was soon to find out why....

    The boys turned to look ... They obviously knew the slide was broken .. But they kept quiet ... The children on the swings didnt say anything ....

    I climbed the metal steps sat down and set off down the slide..... Half way down was a bit of metal that had come away and was sticking up ... Just a little ... But enough .... I reached the end of the slide with a shriek ... And no knickers.... They had caught on the piece of metal and been ripped right off and were hanging from the slide.... I stood up retrieved my shredded knickers and ran to applause and laughter from the boys on the bench....

    VG x

  • And no I don't feel any different inside ... It's just the outside that has grown up... Fortunately my OH is the same ... I found him in the aisle of the supermarket on Friday dancing to YMCA doing the actions .... Entertaining two ladies in their 80s who were much impressed .....

    Hangs head

    Vg x

  • VG how brilliant and I love the fact OH is of a similar kindred spirit. Now talking of dancing well one wet windy Tuesday afternoon about 12 years ago my OH and I went to the Museum. Boring you may think-- not at all at one of the exhibits they were playing the charleston. No hesitation the two of u proceeded to be silly. Little did we know that one of our friends was watching on the security cameras. Later that day he called in our shop we did get a shock but hey it was so funny!


  • Oh i would so loved to have seen that..... :)

  • I love that folks engage in silliness :-) my beloved often grabs me in the supermarket aisle for a smooch whether there's music or not :-D

    He's forever making up daft jokes and has been known to make gurning faces with underwear on his head, in private and in public, the little toerag! We laugh loads and hug loads - hard to remember he's 56 and I turned 54 last week lol

  • Sammicat how wonderful age does not matter time does not matter it is how we feel inside which proves the most important message. Live life love and laugh long" a good saying to live by :D xgins

  • I also remember that my ex was always saying "act your age ', to which I usually replied "why?" :-) he was a miserable bugga!!

  • Who on earth wants to act their age either at your shoe size or if you have a younger partner act how you feel :) xgins

  • Grins .... My OH is 5 years younger than me .... :)

  • My Dad use to say you are only as old as you feel, although I'm coming up for 72 I sure as hell don't feel it even with all this pain, I might look it but definitely don't feel it, my body might be 72 but my mind and heart are at least half that age, and I intend staying that way, my Dad. Use to say to, " you'd laugh if u saw a pudding roll,'" has any or else heard that saying before....gentle hugs to all ...Dee xx

  • I have never hear or seen a pudding roll pauses there is a pudding competition where they roll them down hill but you Dad was quite right everyone was laughing :D xgins

  • I cant think of any stories right now; but i can tell you that my gran used to say "you are only as old as the man yo're feeling" so i thought a 20 yr old may help (cheeky grin)

    He is the most careing person ever.

    Ta gran . Xx

  • Morning gins, I missed this yesterday , but I am with you totally, the body is one age and your "inner you" a completely different one. I have one particular friend who, like me can go into fits of uncontrollable giggles at the drop of a hat. One very embarrassing occasion was when we tried to go some years back to a yoga class, all was going reasonably well until we turned and caught each others eye and we just dissolved, to the point where we were both in dire need of an instant portaloo, suffice it to say we didn't go back. A similar thing occurred when I attempted to introduce Jen to Reeling, the pair of us dashing out of the room post haste, and we had barely started the Dashing White Sergeant, never to return, well at least. Jen didn't, I went back until fibro put a stop to it :-( Our last outbreak was a few weeks back, she had taken me to a hospital appt in Exeter, we were on out way home and I'm not even sure what kicked it off, but we both started laughing, the problem was, Jen was driving, and as she laughed she leant forwards, worrying me slightly, but every time we stopped it would last for only a couple of mins and then off we would go again. How we didn't crash I'm not sure, it was a busy Friday afternoon and heavy traffic. methinks my guardian angel must ha e been sitting on my shoulder, I was squeaking both in laughter and in fear. Anyway we did get home safely, thank goodness, but whenever we get together it takes very little to set us off.

    Foggy x

  • What marvelous fun it does us so much good to giggle till you wet yourself so you have no inhabitions left. Loves it take care xgins

  • Thanks gins, knew you'd understand :D :D

    Muchly Foggy x

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