Little competition for you we all know and love acronyms you know thing like F>O>C = free of charge well try these answers to follow

1. C.A.P. = cover all possibilities

2. C.A.S.H.= computer assisted self help

3. C.H.A.V.= council housed and violent

4, D.U.T.C.H.I.E. =Defer until the Christmas Holiday is ended

5. E.P.O.S.= electronic point of sale

6. E.T.A.M.= everything to attract men

7.F.C.N.K. = Fur coat no knickers

8.. F.E.A.R. = forget everything and run

9.F.I.D.O. = forget it drive on

10. F.I.N.E.= fanatical insecure neurotic emotional

11 F.I.R..E= Find inform restrict extinguish

12. F.O.B. = free on board

13. F.O.C. = fee of charge

14.G.E.M. = going extra mile

15 G.L.M.= good looking mum

16. G.O.A.T.= greatest of all time - to think I call OH silly old Goat

17. H.E.W. = high earning worker

18 H.I.P. = honest integrity plain dodgy

19. S.W.A.L.K. = Sealed with a loving kiss - you all knew that one!

20. I.C.E. = In case of emergency

ANSWERS as above hope everyone enjoyed it ) XGINS

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  • Ooooo eeeerrrrrr ? :o ? :o ? :o ?

    Goes into a foggy haze just thinking .....

  • No 19 is sealed with a loving kiss....SWALK.....Dee x

  • No 20 In case of Emergency and SWALK I knew that too but never received any letters and love 'Ta ta for now' !

  • Hi answers ARE NOW UP do have a look x

  • TTFN is another old one ...Dee x

  • I know number 20 but my brain refuses to spit it out.



  • I have put the answers up x

  • Sorry,you have all lost me lol.So tired that I can hardly keep eyes open.Night night everyone xxx

  • only know 19 sealed with a loving kiss.same here tired at 7.15 had to go to bed.woken by annie 10minutes ago.damn missed eastenders again!

  • well thats one right have another go

  • Is...CAP ... Care and protection....Dee x

  • no afraid not try again :)

  • Answers o up x

  • cant come up with any others

  • Hi I have popped the answers in do have a look x

  • Is number 13 Free Of Charge?

    I know I should know some of these but my brain is mush (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :P )

  • Drat I was just going to say the same answer :p

  • you were right the answers are now in have a look

  • Is no 20 In Case of Emergency ?

  • Is no 1 consultation and proposal ?

  • If I had my way number 13 would be what I would like to be .......Full of Cash.....hehehehe I know it's not that, but I think it is Free Of Charge ?

    Foggy x

  • Duh, what am I like, I already answered it earlier....lalalalala Foggy is a mess yet again :p

  • yes Free of charge

  • FINE... Hm...I was told what that one meant by counsellor ages ago, but I can't remember what he said. It's feeling in need of something, isn't it?

    I can't remember.

    But I know the acronym of fine is opposite to the meaning we take for granted of the word 'fine'.

    Can someone please let me know? Put me out of my misery? I'm already struggling to recall enough things today and it's causing me a lot of frustration.

    I know SWALK because the Mother put it on the Father's birthday card last November. And I know Ice is In case of emergency. Otherwise, no idea.

    Fay :) xxxx

  • That made me think Fay, for me it would mean "Feeling in need of energy ". :o :o

    Foggy x

  • Morning \I have popped the answers in up above

  • Thanks gins for the answers, some were obvious,, some not so, but what fun :-). Thank You !! :D

    Foggy x

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