Lost Pension credit letter


12 months ago I notified Pension Credit of a Change in Circumstances Recieved Capital £14000

wrote to them expecting a reduction in Benefit did not hear anything and forgot about it (I forget everything) had a benefit check and was told I was getting £8 week too much and advised to contact Pension Credit immediatley (went into panic) could not get through so wrote with details, (have not got original as hard drive gave up the ghost)actually spoke to someone Monday they had not got original or my new letter yet, in post same day I recieved a invite to a Customer Compliance Interview for a Benefit check should I be worried

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  • I dont think you should be worried, Make sure you have everything you have ever sent and that should be in copy form. If you haven't then you will just explain your position. When is the benefit check?

    Good luck


  • Tomorrow Thursday 0930

  • Morning,

    Sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties with lost mail but its all too common these days with the DWP. A compliance officer will visit you at your home and it will give you the opportunity to explain what has happened and sign a written statement to the fact if need be.

    Try not to be too worried as by your explaining and giving your event of what has happened and signing a written statement it will show to the DWP that you were telling the truth in the first place and that you still have nothing to hide.

    Good luck with the interview.

    Liam Carter

    Senior Case Manager

    My Benefit Claim

  • Thanks it is an office intereview to check benefits the letter says thanks again

  • Your very welcome good luck with it and please keep us advised. If you don't feel up to going to the office because of your illness as the compliance department to send the officer to see you.


  • Need to get it over with it may just.a routine check never had a visit since 2002 just lucky I took action before they did thanks again

  • Absolutely hopefully all will go well


  • hi just been checking my Bank account and now worried because my lads work and can't get to their banks I have let them give me cash (and Cheques made in my name) and I have paid them int my bank and transferred the fund when cleared to their accounts looks like I have lots of Income (ps Stopped all this in March as I got fed up with it)


  • one son is giving me a letter to confirm his reasons

  • Yes always cover your behind its very important.... I have heard of instances where housing benefit check credit files and pass on information to the DWP so hopefully all will be ok for you


  • Wad there 10 mins system had picked it up as I had benefit check chap was pleasant but seemed happy that I had taken the action I had thanks for your support

  • Hi just a line its sorted a a small overpayment they have accepted that I had acted

    Correctly no penalty charge thanks for your help

  • ta much appreciated just going throuh bank account highlighting their transactions

  • Great!

    I am so glad all went well for you :)

  • Thought it was sorted till someone said they will stop your money till they work out the over payment thats got to me

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