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I am close to mid fifties menopausal with a long history of widespread endo and adhesions. I was diagnosed with Diverculitis Disease and some arthritis in my hip. I have almost constant dragging, pinching right sided deep pain inside my hip, about two inches above my bikini line. Gps think it might be adhesions now as diverculitis is usually left sided. I get terrible pain when my bowel or bladder is full, worse during the night when pain killers wear off and sleep tab and what feels like nerve pain which makes me writhe in pain, twisted and turning to try and stretch out the pain and stiffness in my low back, hip and pelvis/stomach. I juggle pain killers as codeine makes me constipated so take stool softeners and even a senna too but still get bunged up and alternate between constipation and the opporsite! I wonder if my menopausal ovary is stuck to my bowel as it aches virtually all the time even going down my right thigh. I never know if I should see a endo adhesion gyne or a gastroenterologist/bowel specialist as I am not sure what is causing this never ending pain.

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You are in an awful lot of pain. I was wondering though if you are on the right site to get help? This site is for people who have Fibromyalgia. It is good that other people come on here, but maybe another site would be more helpful for your problems. In any case, I do hope you get some help with your pain.

Take care GJ.


try staying off dairy and go on soya milk took me a long time to find out i was allergic to milk protein i & docs put it down to adhesion's WRONG GOOGLE IT X


I have recently started to have elbow pain and knee pain as well as pain in hip, pelvis, stomach, low back and constant fatigue. Each time I type my symptoms into google I get Fibro sites come up. I know I have a history of endo, and adhesions widespread plus hip osteoarthritis but new pains are adding to my problems and am starting to wonder if Fibro is another issue! How do Gps diagnose it?


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