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Hi can anyone explian the welfare cap to me ? i cant find anything anywhere online about it..im on esa in the support group and have DLA low rate mobility high rate carers.......

i just dnt know how gonna affect me sorry im just worried as spent alot onmy 2 daughters who live with me and have the esa and dla assement in the new year sometime for esa and for dla which i think is PiP then for me .... any advice help or explanation be great help tahnk you x Leo

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  • i believe the cap doesn't affect those who get DLA. i will have a scoot around to see if i can find anything or the admins on here are pretty good with info

  • josie ust read them they about the beenfit cap im in about the welfar cap from the autumn statement yesterday cant find anything saying about esa or dkla pip it says only jobseekers and maybe hosuing and poenison excempt ..leo

  • got it sorry just trying to see if i can find anything but a bit sketchy. it does say on one jobseakers exempt but will inc housing benefit. prob be a few days until they put on fully. as limits not set till spring 2014. so many changes in next few years.

  • its ok yes thats the one ie jobseekers excluded ie the pre teens with kids girls my daughters age they get away with it but not people who genuinely il and needhelp

  • also this from the DWP dwp.gov.uk/docs/hb-benefit-...

  • thanks josie gonna read them now , leo

  • Hello Leo,

    According to the news the precise limits are not to be set until Spring 2014, so I don't think anyone knows much about how it will affect people as yet.



  • Hi emma

    Thanks i heard it not limits for us but for what the government will spend as a maximum on welfare ustg worried as seems it always people who disabled get the shaftand not the wealthy or the kids having kids


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