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well this is my third visit this week to the hospital. Today is ENT as I had an endoscopy several week ago and that showed some bile in my stomach and early gastroenteritis . the reason I had gone was that I have food sticking in my throat. this is still happening - I feel like I am choking and have to cough it up and this happens regular so I hope they can diagnose the problem and treat it. we will see !!!!

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  • Morning. that sounds terrible! Good luck, hope you get a diagnosis today.


    Mazz xx

  • Hope it all goes ok for you hugs x

  • Morning bbstport, that kept appending to me, I was diagnosed long ago with Barratts Osophegus, but on sorting that out they found that a muscle in my throat due. To the fibro, keeps going into a spasm, they have managed to convince me not to panic each time cos ill be safe and it will ok, when it happens they told. To drink some fizzy drink it will help the muscle apparently, ....have to admit I still do panic, can't help it, it's a natural. Reaction, .... Hope all goes well for you let us know your results.....gentle hugs ....Dee x

  • just to update you. wnet to the hospital doctor asked me several questions then said I will need to put a camera up your nose - I was shocked he meant there and then - no pain relief spray or anything and he then struggled to get it up properly so he then had to try the other side. he found thickening of the vocal chord and a swelling sort of at the back of my throat. I have to contact my gp to increase the lansoprozole and I have to have a barium test so I have to wait for that appointment then I have to go back to him at the hospital when the results of that test get to him so really fed up now

  • I sympathise with you , these tests are not pleasant, I wish all the best that your problem may soon be solved

  • Hi, I'm sorry you're having these problems and hope they get things diagnosed and treated for you soon. I had an endoscopy a few weeks ago and they wouldn't sedate me due to me being on morphine and they hadn't told me not to take it that day. It was horrendous and I gagged and threw up lots but they got it done. I've got a large hernia and suffer with acid reflux especially at night which is horrible. I'm having my gall bladder removed next Thursday as it is full of stones and has been giving me lots of pain for the last couple of years so that's one bit of my pain i'm hoping will be removed.

    Good luck with getting things sorted and feeling better soon!


  • when I had my endoscopy they gave me a general anaestetic and they knew I was on morphine and quite a few other meds. I hope you get your gall bladder sorted out


  • Hi bbstport, I was told that it depends which doctor I was seeing as to whether they were happy to sedate or not. It's just a sedative but would have made the whole experience much easier. It was very traumatic!


  • mine was a general anaestetic so I was totally asleep and remember nothing of it when I had the endoscopy


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