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Back at hospital again...... Not expecting much

As per my last post, i am nowhere nearer getting answers or help from nhs professionals of any sort. My mri that was supposed to happen before my appointment tomorrow was never booked and the booking/mri deps couldnt give me a date of when it was supposed to be. How convenient!!!

My appointment tomorrow seems pointless. The secretary was very nice and said it would be to discuss my symptoms and decide if the mri would still be worthwhile or if another test would be better. I understand that but i've waited 3 months for an mri and appointment and may have to do this all again!

I am no better but getting worse. My pain is spreading to new tender points and i am now getting migraine type headaches which i never had before fibro. I had 2 weeks where i couldnt eat for throwing up (meaning medications may not have been of any help if didnt stay down) and my gps were a) too busy b) on leave and couldnt help me so i lost loads of weight! Finally i was given bucastem while i wait for this appointment!

It is ridiculous.

My depressions spiralling now on 40mg of citalopram and feel no benefit. Have 2-5 hours sleep a night and have horrendous freakish dreams everytime i shut my eyes!

It cannot go on like this!

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Hi SallyE15,

Goodness me, what a time you've had of it lately, I feel for you hun.

I wish I knew the answers, at least you've got us.

Huge hugs for you xxx


Sally, if it reassures you, you are not alone! I have a few autoimune conditions including Fibro and I too have all over body pain. I was told I needed an emergency MRI and they would call me later in the day to book an appointment...I didn't hear anything and eventually called them 2 weeks later, they blamed the other hospital that I attended. I finally got my ''emergency'' scan 2 months later 😕 Try not to let it get you down it really does make your Fibro symptoms worst and try to stay strong. xx


Hi Sally,

So sorry you're experiencing difficulties with the NHS in your area, I must say since my useless dr retired must be 5 years now, I have great gp service both drs are young & forward thinking, referral for 2nd opinion if I want it, total faith in my gp, I weaned myself off all pain medication with drs approval, my point in doing this is, I feel taking toxins in only likely to either worsen my fibro or give me another ailment, the most I take on my worst days is one 600mg Ibrufen & paracetamol can't remember when I last had ibrufen but recently ive had to take paracetamol which I'm only taking two doses a day will stop them at weekend, one thing I can recommend for total pain relief albeit temporary, is getting into the swimming pool even just being able to walk up & down the pool pain free is great, as water is supprting the muscles & joints a way also to get a little exercise, wishing you well, sorry I went on a bit xx


Dont apologise, all advice is good. I've tried paracetamol, ibuprofen, naproxen, tramadol but nothing was any help. At the moment my hypermobility is too unpredictable and need to go back to the physio to get some further advice on strengthening my hip, shoulder and wrist before get back to yoga. Keep dislocating and its not helping my fibromyalgia!

My gp retired at christmas and he was good, i've seen everyone at the surgery and they all start out ok but then go sour slowing up and keeping things as they set them when i say they are not working!

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Sally, could you ask physio for hydrotherapy referral you might get the benefit from that, I've learned over the years just ask for treatments you feel would help you as it's not always a first thought fir GP's but as I've said my gp's very forward thinking xx


I'm gonna have to try that i think. They seem keen to help or move forward at first but then we go around in circles. X

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what a time you are having. you would think that they would put your mri scan forward because its their mistake for not making it. the citalopram takes some time to work so give it time. has for sleep, that's one of my biggest problems, so I really feel for you. you don't always have to see the same gp, if your not happy with your care, you are entitled to change, wishing you the best. dilly x


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