feeling low

feeling low

I woke this morning to find both my dogs on m y bed snuggled up as close as they could get.my first thoughts were \I cannot cope with this anymore . i wake to see my nose and eyes swollen and puffy and tightness in my neck, pressure in my abdomen and ribs and pain in my pubic area whilst i'm sitting here at my computer. thinking how much longer can I go on with doctors dismissing my symptoms when I clearly have physical and visible signs of lupus etc and how since a year ago no one has acknowledged the fact taht i have lost weight and taht my weight gain is all abdominal(sorry to keep saying this)my dr has treated me separately fro each symptom but not putting 2 and 2 together.i didn't get any answers as to why my legs are swollen.any feelings of depression I have are because doctors are dismissing my symptoms despite my telling him of other peoples experiences and I have it from an ex work colleagues wife who has OC and was originally treated fro a bowel condition .anxiety or depression may be the cause of me hearing music and voices but it could be a problem in my ear or brain beyond what he can see looking in my ear.image attached shows my swollen features and facial rash

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  • *gentle hugs* for you

  • Hugs. Is it possible to see another GP at your practice?



  • Hi there anbuma, sorry you are having such a rough time at the moment...our thoughts and prayers are with you, as jillylin said is it possible for you to see another GP for a second opinion....gentle hugs...Dee xx

  • I think you need a referral to a rheumatologist who will look into things further.

  • saw one last November who dismissed my lupus symptoms and kept on about diet and wouldn't listen to me. complained to nhs but got nowhere and have just complained again hoping someone will listen to me

  • Ask to see another one. Your bloods could be showing signs now that wernt there before. Also keep photos of relevant symptoms so if they have gone by the time of your appointment you can show them.

  • i have kept photos,

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