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Feeling worried

Hi Everyone . Didn't sleep very well last nite, reason being is that the other day i posted of my pip form & yesterday evening I had a call from them to say that want me to attend an assessment, I told them that I couldn't leave my husband as I am his full time carer, and I stated this when I filled the former in, what really concerns me is that they haven't had time to contact my doctors or specialist to get more info on my conditions (Fibromyalgia & Anxiety, Depression.) They are arranging for my assignment to be done at home. But my way of thinking is that they are going to turn me down as they can't be bothered to contactmy health pprofessionals. I am already getting DLA at the moment for my depression and have been for the past 3 years. Has this happened to anyone else. Love and gentle hugs to all.

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I did not get a response as fast filling the form online. DWP must have taken the need for cutting waiting times very seriously indeed.


Thank you Ian123, you could be right, but what concerns me. Why have at the start of the forms stating fill in you Doctors,/Specialists names and addresses so that can get more info on your conditions,if they don't bother to contact them . I would of thought they would get a better understanding of the conditions if they spoke to the professional first instead of stressing claimants


There is a theory that by making the claim process as stressful as possible DWP allegedly save money. An advocate and medical help would be my advice for protecting your health.


I have the same conditions as you. I was turned down within 2weeks of assessment


Hi Julie. I hope you are going to appeal against their decision, i will if they turn me down. Gentle hugs to you hun.


Thankfully I had my assessment at home. I'm grateful I hot high rate mobility and care. Fingers crossed for you. Even if they haven't had chance to contact your GP and specialists, tell them just how bad you are on your worst day, after all, the idea is to fill the initial form in and tell them how difficult day to day living is for you. As with many of us we are in the unfortunate position of having really difficult days most of the time.

I really hope you have a good assessor who listens properly. Let us know how you get on. I hope you get the award you need and deserve.

Gentle hugs

Becky x


Thank you Beck, I am so pleased that you got your pip, fingers crossed I will get it. I will let you know. Thanks again you have given me some hope . xx gentle hugs to you


I think preparation would be useful. Collect as much information from your own GP surgery, copies of hospital letters, referrals etc, including your repeat copy of your prescription. Explain that due to the short time frame that you may not have all your evidence.

If you have had counselling for your depression, tell the assessor if you felt it had helped and also any thing you have tried which has not helped.

Make sure you are not alone for your appointment, ask that person to answer the door for you and to help if you need to have a physical examination, also to confirm how your illness affects you.

Offer to show the assessor any aids you use like a stick or shower seat. Only answer the questions asked and don't volunteer information which could be construed that you are managing well.

As stated before make it clear how you feel on your worst day and also how your medication affects you, particularly if you are drowsy or lack concentration due to side effects.

I am sure you will have a lot helpful of advice from this friendly forum.

Good luck!


Thank you bluebell. Your advice is really helpful,and I will take on board everything you have said. Thank you x


I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment.


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