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Doctor found cysts in my breasts

After seeing four doctors , it has now been confirmed I have several cysts in each breast.

But I am still going to the breast clinic on Thursday 5th dec .

The pain and itching has decreased, (thank god) so has my cycle started .

My doctor has said the cysts may need syringing out , not sure how effective that is, and what's the chances of them reappearing again :(

I'm open all advise , please feel free to drop me a line .

Thanx xx

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sorry can't help you there but pleased you are having things checked out. Hope your appoint,meant goes well on Thursday.




Hi Anastasia, I am pleased to hear your news, they draw the liquid from the cysts with a very fine needle and it isn't a complete breeze, but it is certainly a lot better than you might imagine. When they have been done it is very effective at removing the liquid from them, but it may be that you are prone to getting them and I would possibly suggest you talk about polycystic ovary syndrome with your doctor or when you go to the Breast Clinic on Thursday and they will be able to help you with all the questions you need answers too. As I think I suggested in my response to your last post, often pain and strange feeling in your breasts can often be linked to your monthly cycle, but it is good to know exactly what is happening and why.

I wish you all the very best for Thursday, I would be inclined to write any questions you need answers for, so that you don't come away with any worries remaining. Good luck Anastasia :-)

Foggy x


Hi I've had this done too it didn't hurt and they haven't come back I am prone to cysts had one cut off my eye lid too you will be fine don't worry x


Hi I have lots of these and have to have them done on a regular basis. The most recent was Sept. The consultant decided to measure the biggest 5 in my left breast but said there are many more. The syringing is worth having done, they filled 2 large syringes from 2 cysts the first time around but the difference afterwards is so worth the procedure. Odds on they will come back but they are quite harmless although the pain is supremely unbearable it is a relief knowing this. Mine all started when I was 17 and I am now 47. The staff are fantastic at my local breast clinic. Take a friend it does help and good luck. x


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