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My doctor today

Hi all I went to my dr as planned now have to have more blood test to see if my esr has gone up again if it isn't raised she said there would be no point in sending me back to rheumatologist she arranged for accupuncture on my neck (xray showed advanced arthritic changes) whatever that means, i don't know what happens with the pain all over my body she also said if my blood count has dropped any more, it has been apparently then she wants more investigations to make sure it's nothing sinister. I have suffered bouts of anemia for years why the investigations now, I don't know.

I just feel really fed up I really cannot be bothered any more I will just carry on as usual I can't even be bothered with the blood test . My hubby seems a lot better today so thats one good thing that came out of my day. X

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I am glad your doctor is taking your conditions seriously and setting up further tests. You have a lot on your plate with hubby and mother in law and you may have inadvertently started to neglect your own health a little. That is what happens to Carers, they feel they have to be strong to hold every thing together. However, Carers can become ill too and need to be looked after and treated properly just as much as the people they care for.

Do please go and have your blood tests and acupuncture. It is important for you to feel better in order that you can cope with these difficult times.

I wish you all the best, take care of yourself.



Thankyou bluebell I will get bloods done I just felt a bit deflated. X


Hi Menarley

I am so genuinely sorry to read of how you are feeling and I sincerely hope that your acupuncture helps you somewhat? I also want to sincerely wish you all the best with your blood tests as well.

I am genuinely delighted to read that your husband is a lot better today my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for both of you



Hello menerla

I understand that at times you get down and don't want to push.

But may I ask that you do it please for me. For us in this community.

Unless we go get tested, try the prescriptions and give them feedback no further research is needed. If we just shut and crawl into our shells no further research will be carried out.

We have to keep on asking, showing that each life is worth improving, that we are here, right now and we demand help.



Hi there

You have a lot on your plate right now. I completely understand how you feel.

As the others have said, please do not neglect your own health and go back and have the tests done that your GP has suggested.

When we have down days we do not feel important and just want to hide away from everything and everyone.

I don't know how many hours you spend caring for your OH, but is it possible for you to have some "me" time. Even if it is just a nice soak in a warm bubbly bath or reading something you enjoy.

Trust me I do know how hard it is to divide your time and forget yourself.

If you are not well how can you care for your OH? Please try and get some rest if you can.

We are all here to support you whilst you support your OH.

Be kind to yourself

Lu x



When I was an advisor I always used to say to carers their first maxim should be to care for themselves as if they don't and their health breaks down who would care for their loved one. You need time out to look after your own needs as I can imagine with all your responsibilities you are absolutely exhausted. Problem is that can be made worse by health problems that might be able to be helped so pleaseeeee!!! have those tests.

Glad that it is a better day for your husband. Do let us know how you get


You are lucky to be able to have acupuncture- I found it really helped me. The Chinese drew the body thousands of years ago!!!! I have had my NHS limit of acupuncture :((( I bought a painpen from LLoyds,although it seemed expensive - its invaluable and goes everywhere with me!!! it clicks and I use it on the points that were used before. Just a point to help you with acupuncture ( some people don't like it) if you google or wiki it -I think it shows the understanding the chinese were aware of.....wishing you sweet dreams.....

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Hi anni what is a pain pen ?


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