My breasts are itching soo much plus they hurt and swollen

I went to the doctors in Friday he said not to worry and insisted it's fine no cancer it's Normal to have pain in breasts . Since last night the itching has got so worse I feel like digging my nails in .sometimes it's itching on one breast sometimes both together . Has anyone had any similar symptoms and what does this all really mean please help..... And my doctors are fobbing me off with lame excuses :(((((

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  • Hi Anastasia, if you are really worried you could try getting in touch tomorrow with a "well woman" clinic in your area, and explain, telling them your concerns and that you would like a mammogram to ease your mind. However, having read your previous post, I don't think that any self respecting doctor, if he/she had even the slightest doubt in their mind would give you the "all clear". I know how easy it is for things to worry ourselves about, but as others have said, breast pain can happen, normally with your monthly cycle, and as someone who has had a lumpectomy and all the trauma that goes with it, I truly hope that this is not happening for you. I would say I had no clue about the DCIS I had until a routine examination and the doctor picked up on it straight away. If your doctor did a proper examination of your breasts and said there was nothing amiss, then I really would take that on board. However, you are saying about itching, and I know that itching can be related to nerve pain, so that could possibly be a route to investigate.

    In your previous post you ask what Fibro is, I am wondering if by accident you have written in the wrong forum. Fibro is a chronic pain condition, which all of us here suffer from, it may be an idea, and I don't mean this in any way nastily, but for a more understanding reply to your questions, that you look for a breast care forum, where people may be better placed to give you the in depth advice you need.

    Wishing you all the very best :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi,

    Foggy has made some good suggestions so I can add to them. I do find that my skin gets itchy for no reason I can see but it moves around my body, it doesn't stay in one location.. Hopefully someone more qualified, like your well woman clinic, can give you better information and reassurance.



  • Could be a yeast shows up in the strangest places..

    Check with the doctor...there are some good creams out there to

    help out. Anti itch helped me on various parts of my body.

  • I have had an extremely itchy scalp and another time itchy skin and wss given antihistamines, each time i wanted ti rip my skin off. Good luck.

  • I have just had 2 skin biopsies after itching as you describe. Dermatologist suspects lichen Planus on arms and Dermatitis Herpetaformis (DH) on my scalp and I am waiting for the results. DH is the skin condition linked to Coeliac Disease and the Pain Clinic has recommended that I go gluten free now which is what I have done. May I suggest you Google DH and lichen Planus to see if that helps you. I too have been given 2 different lots of antihistamine plus steroid cream and lotion. Good luck!

  • Hi again Anastasia,

    This could be something that you could also discuss with your doctor, to see what he thinks on the matter !

    Foggy x

  • Iam also feeling like that i dont understand wht

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