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Hi people, I've been trying to get information out in the world about something which may help other sufferers. I have for years been suffering with pain all other my body. I could not sleep on my back pain would shoot in the back of my head. I could not lay in one position for too long etc. The usual stories you may of heard. all from the age of 17 . I am 36 now, back in work and for the past year I have been trying food as the source of the condition. I have learnt that Nightshades, Gluten and Lactose seem to be the cause or aggravating factor. I have removed these all out of my diet .

Nightshades - Cause the most pain I have reintroduced them into my diet to know this to be true 100% What nightshades are is Tomato Peppers, Eggplant and Potato . Tobacco is also Nightshade and inhaling second hand smoke tends to leave me in pain also

Lactose - Generally main cause of the bloating and IBS. with very mild twitches and mild pain in legs

Gluten - Cause Medium pain in the stomache and seems to be another IBS trigger.

Now for the good part without eating these foods I can live normally, however the moment I eat any of these foods the symptoms of fibromyalgia come back...I am more than happy to speak in depth to anyone . My hopes is to help give others the same sense of normality I have regained.

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  • totally amazed but I went on a diet when I was like 18 and pasta and potatoes and things you mentioned would be my free food and I kept putting on weight .. plus o notice if I have more than 2 slices of bread a day I get sore belly .. if I drink too much tea (added milk) I have a sore belly ..... I did ask my doctor for a recommendation to go to dietician and she just laughed

    thanks for all that info I'm away to write it all down ...

    big hugs zz

  • That's ridiculous, do you need a dr referral to go to a dietitian?

  • I have also been looking to food for the problem/solution. I have found keeping a high vegetable intake keeps my energy up. And I have been wanting to do an elimination type diet. I recently bought a book called whole30. I tried juicing for a while and loved it but it was hard to keep up juicing multiple times a day.

    What do your meals look like?

    I try to do a whole food type diet right now but I am lazy some days. Which I am not proud of. But I need to tighten up and get my diet right so at least I know I am doing the best I can and preventing my body from getting other things- diabetes etc. My grandmother has diabetes and I am constantly eating chocolate, so it is always in the back of my mind.

  • I feel your pain with trying a new diet specially since you have to do it yourself. And the pain from fibro is so easy to become lazy.

    My food consists of the same as before. Lasagne Spaggetti Bolognese Chinese .

    Its way more exspensive to eat granted but for how I feel It is worth it.

    I have created my own sauces I use Strawberries as a replacer for tomatoes.

    Sweet potato as a replacer for potato as they are from a different family.

    As for spice I use a mixture of Cumin, Tamarind Peppercorns(different family) Chinese five spice Tumeric Coriander and Fenugreek

    I quit smoking and I also found that quitting the nightshade foods I do not have any cravings to smoke like other ex smokers have.

    And here's why all nightshade food have Nicotine in them. So ex smokers are still feeding the addiction. And this is what I believe to cause the pain. It is the common factor linking all nightshade foods Nicotine being found in all and is a natural pesticide is blamed for the Bee deaths....It effects the nervous system in insects.

    Knowing all that and knowing about Fibro Myalgia it is highly suspected to be caused by chemicals .

    As for Gluten I mix up my own flour mix at home. and Lactose I replace with Lactose free brands. I still have tea and coffee.

    Here is the other amazing fact I have stopped my pain meds and I have got the figure I once had and I am over the moon. I walk like I used too dance like I used to Feel so young and have started part time work. just to not over do it tobegin with ofocurse lol

    Edit I forgot this bit, I make my own bone stock at home aswell because everything in the shops contains lactose nightshade or gluten.

  • I have been wanting to do bone stock. I talked to a couple people on this sight about it. And look forward to it.

    I make a home made chicken soup a lot. So that's my go to easy healthy meal though I use store bought broths. I use organic veg stock and the lowest sodium chicken stock I can find. But I know they aren't as healthy as home made.

    I am an ex smoker. I quit when I got pregnant with my oldest. I don't really crave it. I used to wonder a long time ago and tried smoking one again when I was out with friends and was completely disappointed as it wasn't at all what I remembered. So even if I have an urge to smoke it is met with that horrible memory.

    I do love tomatoes. But have wondered if they make me worse.

    And peppers will be the hardest to give up. I put cayenne powder in everything. I add it to my bowl of soup to the point that my lips are on fire. My husband doesn't like how hot I make things, so I do it to my plate and not the pot.

    I guess I will have to look into it. I do love peppers. Jalapeños always grow best out of what we grow in the garden every year. I love them, stuffing them, I chop them up and put them in everything. That will definitely be hard to give up.

    Thank you for sharing. I will have to try it.

  • I have not managed to get the hotness back it's something peppers only have it's a Glycoalkaloid called Capsaicin which gives the hotness.

    But you can try Celery Salt or just Celery a lot of it tends to be spicy I forgot to add earlier with replacements.

  • Oh I hate celery. So that wouldn't work for me. But maybe some Wasabi?

  • Oh never thought of wasabi. I will have to experiment with that now .

  • :) cool let me know what you find out.

    I used to eat dried Wasabi peas in a trail mix. Haven't had it in several years.

  • Sure thing and thanks for reminding me . Lol

  • :)

  • Also my husband mentioned horseradish.

  • I have asked for a referral to the dietician .... as I know I have a problem with food ... but where k live I have to get referred to hospital dietician xx

  • I avoid gluten generally which is a pain because i love bread and its so useful when youre tired but hungry. I dont know if it make pain worss but def gives me stomach issues and diarrhea. I need to try making chickpea soda bread.

    I probably shoukd avoid dairy aswell but i find yogurt so useful and love milky tea. Also love feta cheese.

    Im trying to lose weight so i dont want to cut too much out my diet. Maybe at some point i will try cutting out dairy again though.

    Thanks for the info


  • You don't need to give anything up my friend there are lots of replacements , I bake bread at home I love it I love cake too lol as for diary it's only lactose and there is Lactofree brand which removes the lactose from the diary milk smells weird but tastes just the same.

  • Aha I'll have to try that be seen it in Tescos thank you xx

  • Hi sineti, it's not necessarily only lactose, I can't have any dairy at all and have to use soya milk or another alternative. The Lactofree brand cheese and milk still has milk in it as I found out to my cost and is not suitable for dairy allergies, so you have to be careful and check all the ingredients. I have gluten free bread, bought, and make my own fairy cakes, because the cost of bought ones is quite high. hugs Linda x

  • Yes quiet right Linda, though everyone has different biology. And the Diary free Cheese has Potato Starch in it. Gluten Free bread also has Potato Starch, the bread which does not have potato in it has apple in it as well which has been contaminated with nightshade glycoalkaloids. Potato is a nightshade. In new research Nightshade have been found to be a cause of pain . Basically my whole post is to alert to the dangers of Nightshade to Fibro Myalgia sufferers, I am currently in a downward spiral and this is not because of what I am eating . It's because of Smokers (Tobacco is a Nightshade) , I am trapped in my house if I want to feel no pain, but the government is forcing us back to work. So without alerting a whole community to the dangers of the main culprit. It won't get better for any of us.

    Now the difference to Diary is it's an Allergy and Lactose is an Intolerance which is also a minor contributor to Chronic Pain. Intolerance is developed after years of eating foods you have an allergy to. Not necessarily the food you develop an intolerance too. But can be other foods .

    As an example in one case I read years of high Nightshade foods has left someone intolerant to many other food groups Lactose Gluten Eggs Strawberries . Well myself I have developed an intolerance to Gluten and Lactose.

    I use the word Nightshade because it is a whole group of plants which share the flower and poisoning attributes mainly in the leaves. Deadly Nightshade is in this group of course. But the other foods are deemed safe to eat, well new science indicates it's the source of many health conditions to date. And that's because small traces of glycoalkaloids are in the foods we eat and these penetrate our stomachs to cause leaky guts abdominal pain nerve pain etc Long list of things these glycoalkaloids cause. And the number one chemical linked in all of these foods is a natural pesticide aka glycoalkaloid called Nicotine

  • Breadish dessert- black bean brownies with avacado as the fat. There are a lot of good recipes out there. I always let mine sit overnight.

  • Ooh yum I've seen recipes like choc avocado mousse I might have to try it thanks 🙂

  • I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with your diet and thank you so much for sharing .

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • can i just remind everyone, when you are unwell and on medications, to do any drastic diet changes especially elimiation diets, you must talk to a gp or dietician who can monitor you, as you will need blood tests to make sure your not lacking in essential vits minerals etc. good luck with your diets, but please be sensible as you could make yourself very ill if its not monitored correctly.

    hugs to you all

    woo x

  • Yes you are quite correct, however home baking is much better than food bought at the shops. I make everything from scratch now. From gravy to sauces, Nutritional value it is more nutritional than anything bought in the shops. I.e Egg replacer as this is for a family member I use Chia Seeds. My stock is made from all my left over bones and very nutritional. I am also a Chef

    Edit - As I left this out sorry. I have listed some nutritional replacements earlier.

    I have not shared recipes yet as I am trying to market my BBQ sauce all made from strawberries to help others, well actually all my sauces from Lasagne to Spagetti Sauce

  • so do i on my good days, and then i put them into freezer bags roll and freeze. takes up less room in the freezer too. also pies on my good days. i wont touch anything prepacked with all those chemicals. its home cooking or nothing lol mine even tastes better. :) that way on the rest of the days i just have to microwave one of my meals :) my curry is a bit bland though after freezing, need to sort that when i feel up to it lol

  • Thank you for reminding everyone. That is important. Anytime I do something drastic I know I run the risk of starting tummy troubles- it was a worry when I first stayed juicing.

    Though I don't take any medication, thank goodness. And I have been wanting to get back on my healthy wagon as I fell off and have been doing ok but still eating way to much sugar. And I always burp milk when I drink it so I'm sure it would probably benefit me to see if I cut out what little I do get.

    What I plan on doing is increasing healthy foods and decreasing unhealthy while examining how semi healthy foods make me feel.

    There are a lot of replacement recipes out there that make it seem less dramatic of a change.

    I have experienced how different you can feel with a healthy diet and it was really shocking the difference I felt.

    I do want to encourage people to give it a try.

    Like you said Woo be cautious with your health. Get monitored if you need it. Please don't injure yourself trying to get healthy. We all need to take care of ourselves.

    We need to show ourselves as much love as we give to others. We are important and if we don't take care of ourselves we won't be able to help others.

    Sorry :)

    Thanks again for mentioning that, I always try to, for those who don't know.

  • have you tried the lactose free milk, its the one with the cow on the carton, they only sell it in 1ltr cartons but that might help rather than giving up milk as we all need calcium for bones.

    and your welcome i just worried someone could make themselves unwell doing a sudden drastic change in diet. :) no need for sorry your trying to help and we all need help at times :)

  • Do the strawberries disappear within the sauces well? And what about the sugar content? I feel a fruit base might increase that but maybe it just replaces the added sugar.

    I would be interested in reading a recipe. I know because of your marketing/selling stuff those recipes a are unshareable. But anything you would be willing to share.

    I have been doing replacement type cooking for a couple years now. It's hard to get my husband on board with a lot of things. But I think my slow but steady approach with him is working. He still doesn't like mashed Cauliflower but will tolerate half potato half cauliflower. He told me you can't hide cauliflower.

  • actually it is a requirement to list all ingredients on any product. just not the recipe. so anything in the sauces would have to be revealed as something within the sauce could make someone very ill or even be fatal if they have an anaphaltic allergy to something.

  • also leftover bones, personally i wont touch anything made from bone stock. then there's the vegetarian issue etc ;) lol

  • Replying to the wrong replies now . My bad but you all ways have vegetable stock options bone stock is more for us meat people. I have vegetarian options vegan options it is one thing I have to keep in mind being a chef. Making vegetarian options is very simple but potato starch is used in shop vegetarian options. You also have to look at vegan bread and gluten free baked goods potato starch again

  • You are correct, however it's not as you think. Ingredients will be listed when it is marketed but as of now I won't pass on recipe details for patent during that process only. I could have the idea stolen by anyone reading. And no one is accused it's just to protect the idea . There is nothing in the supermarkets for this need.

  • i dont eat much from supermarkets, because every single thing they make is full of chemicals and my allergies are so many that its lethal for me. chillies, ONION, anything from the onion family which includes leek, etc etc i also have legume allergies. so nothing with seeds, pips, skins, shells, which includes nuts etc etc etc the list is very long. but no beans peas etc. im ok with white pepper, but cant tollerate black pepper. weird i know but who knows why the body reacts lol and trust me there is nothing on the shelves or in the freezers to accomodate my allergies either lol when im in hospital i am starved. was in for 2 days and they couldnt even give me a sandwhich because all the bread had seeds in. all the food had onion, and as for the rest of the ingredients no one had a clue as it was imported already cooked. how stupid are our hospitals ? so that was it, 2 days of starvation i couldnt wait to get home lol.

  • I did a lot of research on food allergies . And as it happens legumes being listed, never heard of anyone with multiple legumes at once. Also allergies are inherited. From families for example I found out from my food diaries the three food groups and since then my dad has started to realise he too is having similar reactions

    Fibro is also suspected to be inherited common link as my intentions are is food as the cause but we have to have the building blocks there.

  • I can share probably a casserole dish because you can do what you like to casseroles. I first take the strawberries 400g chopped in halves add 3 tablespoons of red wine vinegar . Cook that for roughly 5 to ten minutes . Add my home made worschester sauce 1 to 3 table spoons very easy to make tamarind anchovies etc. Simmer for 5 minutes then add to a blender. Use a fine mesh seive remove the seeds. And pour back into the pan. Then depending on flavour for my casserole add the herbs and spices and I usually add my stock here with 1 tablespoon of rice floor to thicken. Bring back to boil stiring vigoursly . Sauce ready for your casserole.

  • :) thank you. I will have to try that.

  • I thought I would share a Gluten free loaf I have worked on at home, because of the difficulties of nightshade as well . I highly believe this to be a cause of Fibro Myalgia ( every visit to my nearby heavily densely populated city full of smokers , I leave with a Headache and severe pain . And where I live in the country side barely no smokers pain no headache.

    Anyway I make the mix at home as all shop mixes have potato starch.


    100g Tapioca Starch/Flour (Same thing)

    100g Corn Starch/Flour( Make sure its Corn Starch there is two types but in Britain Flour is usually Starch to confuse matters) Most Corn Starch is usually Gluten free as well.

    150g Buckwheat Flour

    150g Sorghum Flour

    500ml Water

    1tsp sugar

    1tsp salt

    1 Sachet(7g) Yeast

    2tsp Xanthum Gum

    1. Combine flour's in a sealable tub making sure you measure the flours and either sieve or sprinkle either is fine. Just don't cup them in. Seal the tub and shake to mix well!

    2. Add the sugar salt and gum then mix in the water. refrigerate for 10 to 30 minutes. This allows the gluten free flours to soak up the liquid and bind so it starts acting like gluten flour. If this part is neglected the end result will be heavy dense and like a stone.

    3. Gentle heat in the microwave to luke warm temperature. then add the yeast stir in well. the dough should look thick but not like gluten dough's when you stir in the yeast.

    4 . Allow to rise for an hour in a warm place. then transfer to a bread tin. and allow for second rise. then bake for 50 minutes minimum

    You should end up with a fluffy crispy loaf which marvels a gluten baked loaf. I enjoy slice of bread for breakfast like before which goes nicely with my homemade jams or just sunflower spread.

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