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what do you do with yourself all day??????

i was asked this at my last appeal, my mind went blank tried to tell them i try to do housework but find it difficult , the doctor on the panel asked do i load the washer, do i use the oven etc etc i felt on trial the doctor in his questions was exactly the same as at a examination, well anyway when i lost the case and one of the reasons was that i said i "dont do a lot" cant remember saying that but i must have, please help what am i supposed to say for the best? what did you guys answer to that question?


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Hi what an extremely difficult question. If we tell the truth we spend about 2and half hours getting up ready to face the world ish abd that is just wash face teeth clothes nothing exciting . I have to get up that far infront to give medicines time to work and time to haul myself into clothes a slow task.

Then I try and think of what to concentrate on for a couple of hours now that maybe dusting or looking where it has landed. OH does hoovering as really over does back. I am now exhausted but raring to do something mentally.

I portion days up into segments around meals how ghastley that food should rule ones life. If the sun shines I like to go out with help from OH

Lunch and the TV is on now wont allow it before as it takes over. I am tired fall asleep. Its only 2.00. I think I would fail as well because I try to be as normal as possible it makes you feel better dosent it even if you have to give up what yoou are try to do because it hurts too much. Hay it is my life so I can try if I want too.

Somebody else better advise I think good luck dusty hugs xgins


We cant win! Now if you said you did this and that, surely they would fail us as we are obviously more active than we said?!xx


What do I do in the day ... If its nice and my OH isn't working we might take a walk except I have to use a mobilty scooter ... I read ....then forget what I have read ... So that's a bonus cos I can read the same book once I have finished it. On sunny days I can get into the garden now social services have put in rails.. Wow .. That's such a lot .... And I volunteer on here cos I have so much time I couldn't otherwise fill and I can tap on my iPad with two fingers...

Now if I was ever asked what I used to do in a day that would take some writing....



ooh what i do in a day wake up struggle to get put of bed get kids up all washed and dressed

and fed by this time im exhausted in loads pain take meds and strong painkilllers geta bus to getmy 4 year old tp school then get my 3 yr old to nursery get home then sleep most of day tilll its hometime. cook meal. wash up and put washing on fold clothrs play with kids hpmework sit on couch etc. thats a ok day cant plan anything shoppping trips. mist exciting thing i do is visits to doc and. hospitals :( xx


you have to think of your worst day and the fact that on a day like that you are unable to actually do anything. Yes i believe we are on trial and its so unfair


Kira x


I think my answer would be - if I feel like it I get out of bed. If I feel crap I stay in bed!! XX


sad to say it is true for most of us,,wonder what they would thnk lol


I like that answer Sue, I'l bear it in mind at my tribunal next month


I answer yes...then my poor husband has to go check that the item has been turned off afterwards.

I'm honest about the fact that I've left the gas cooker & oven burning for hours until someone noticed & turned them off. And that now hubby routinely checks to make sure. I'm a hazard to myself & others.

Honestly which business is going to have someone go round checking us to make sure we've done something properly or not done something. Not going to happen.


My answer would be the same as Sue32 and I wouldn't be Lying well I would just in bed lol, some days I'm so exhausted all I do is sleep I only wake up for meds and that's only because I use the multi alarm function on my mobile and set it to all my med times , others I get no sleep at all, have been know not to sleep for a week at a time pain so bad, others I manage to get up but only with oh help if I was on my own I would be stuck till someone came to help me, he helps me was dress and gets me to my stair lift, then gets me off at the other end that's on anok day as for housework I tend to potter after I've got some of the stiffness out. Only problem with saying we stay in bed is they would.think we don't need money as we don't get up or go any where. That's my day sort of . Gentle hugs to all sorry if I rambling oromoph kicking in. .Sithy


Serendipity2 has a very good answer use your worst day as your reference it may well help


I spend most days just looking out the window at people doing what I used to do like go for a walk I do house work but its stop start because of the pain im sooo fed up x


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