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well up again at 3 30am so feed up of this my hair is falling out in clumps, doctor says i am severly depressed, not shocked but sick of the

m always trying to give me different meds, all this crap with writing letters to dwp about my esa benefit dos not help, mp has sent them a draft letter but can not see it helping if all my letters and specialists report have not. You start with one illness ans now i am ending up with mental health problems. surely this can not be right. xxxxx

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bodger..did you have surgery in the past year or so? The anesthetic is

one of many causes that will cause that..or do you know why your hair is

falling out? It's not an easy thing to go through on top of everything else..

If you did have surgery..the hair will thin but not all of it will come will

grow back soon enough..


Low Ferritn - stored iron - can be a cause. Maybe time to have a full Iron Panel done in a blood test. Low B12 can make you feel ill and depressed. So have the following tested - Iron folates Ferritin VitD B12. All these need to be HIGH in their ranges so do not accept the doctor saying everything is normal - just because they are in range. You are entitled to ask for your blood test results - so post your results and someone will help....

You may also consider looking at the symptoms of an Underactive thyroid. Take a look at the website of Thyroid UK and check out the menu on the Left side of the Home page. There is a LONG list of signs and symptoms for Hypothyroidism. Low thyroid hormones affects every cell in your body - they all need T3.

Why do I know this - I was diagnosed with hashimotos in 2005 - an auto-immune disease of the thyroid - all results were in range/normal ? The Anti-bodies were HIGH . FM had been diagnosed many years before. Have been on a steep learning curve and there is no better place to start than the website of Thyroid UK. There has to be an underlying cause for the body to go wrong....Read up on Vit D too - it is a steroidal pre-hormone and can cause havoc in the body when low....


Yes, my fair is falling out, horrible, and the thing I hate most is the way it gets so frizzy and unable to look good and then after that it falls out - I am going to see a specialist in female hair loss on 11th December. It really made me feel so fed up, the last straw, so I know how you are feeling. It is normal to feel grief when your hair is looking horrid, I looked at a photo 3 years ago and my hair was long and so lovely, I think it is almost like a bereavement to have to put up with this new and unwanted me. I have had my hair done by a very sympathetic hairdresser this week and it looks better (for a few days), also I have been experimenting with a silk scarf - it can look quite nice - and I have bought a posh hat which is quite fun. That has raised my mood this week, I suppose it is me taking control again. I don't know if you can find a specialist in hair loss, but if not maybe your GP can refer you to a dermatologist???? There are some substances that you can rub into the scalp that do stop hair loss but I gather not available on the NHS. But if you are recommended to use a substance, I wonder if there is a charity that can help with supply of the substances?? I have also looked at wigs, they are quite good and as cheap as £70 - or as expensive as £450. But they all look good, they last about 6 months before you need a new one. I thought I might get one for special occasions at least so that I can feel confident; the problem is that I don't want to buy my first wig on line and I haven't found anywhere where I can try on. Just some practical ideas. Hope it helps. Hugs x


Good morning Bodger

Sorry to hear you having such a rotten time. Have you been tested for lupus/sle? The symptoms are incredibly similar and hair loss is one of them. Just a thought, might be worth it, they ofter occur together or are misdiagnosed.

Good luck


Gentle hugs



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