I received a letter from my GP surgery today. it said i had missed 2 appts and said that i would be removed from the practice if i continue to miss appts, I am having an awful time with memory and keep forgetting despite writing them down. I missed a dental appt the other day as well. Going to ring surgery today and make sure they have my mobile no so they can send me reiminders.

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  • Hi, I have miss appointments also, the surgery now call me on the morning of appointment to remind me, as I tend to have appointments in the afternoon, the dentist sends me a txt either the day before or in the morning.

    My sister came over on Monday and asked if I need to go to the shop, I said yes as we need chicken and milk, so off we went and got it, on Tuesday my neighbour popped in to ask if I want to pop in to town for anything, I said oh yes I need chicken and milk, you can see where this is going! I got home opened the fridge and there was the chicken and milk I had got the day before, I had completely forgotten I had got some, and to make matters worse I felt pretty bad on Tuesday and didn't really want to go out, my family joke about it which is good really, but its very annoying.

  • 1. Do you have a calender or alarm function on your phone, mine is invaluable to me.

    2. I usually book appointments on the day but in the rare event that something has to be pre-booked my surgery rings to remind me, perhaps ask if the surgery offer this facility to help you manage your condition...!

  • Ask for text reminders if you can. I do and it really helps.



  • Hi there,I had the same problem with my dentist as I missed appointments and they said they can't see me no more.So I now have no dentist,and haven't been able to join another one due to being ill.Just hope I don't have an emergency :(

  • my surgery send text messages to remind people of their appts.i odnt have a mobile phone but book my own appts on line.

  • Haribo36, ring up your old dentist and explain your illness and how it affects your memory. If they are still reluctant tell you intend to take it higher, as you are being harshly penalised just because you are so ill. Tell them your doctor would be willing to write a letter if necessary, to confirm your illness and its effects. Don't let them treat you in such a degrading way, inferring really that you just couldn't be bothered and was a time waster.

  • Definitely, in this day and age and with all laws and hyp about discriminating against people in many different ways. This is just another example of discrimination, lack of empathy and thinking people can be pushed about. Push back!

  • Of course GP,s are perfect, never do anything wrong

  • are your B12 levels ?

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