Backache relief ?

Hi, I have terrible muscle spasms in my back, mostly during the night which prevents sleep. I take naproxen and co codemol but they only ease it for an hour tops! Nothing will take the pain away. Has anyone tried pain pads ? Has anyone got any suggestions that could help me please I'm in desperate need and doctors don't give me anything without me asking first and I have no idea what to ask for. Thanks for listening, regards Michelle x

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  • Good mornng shelf,I too suffer with aweful back pain and I find that if I have my electric heat pad on before I go to bed it seems to help.I can normally sleep pretty much without pain since I started taking dosulepin which is a tricyclic antidepressant used to help with pain,sleep and mood.Try asking your g.p about this,I have found though that it increases my appetite after I take it in the evening but that's just me though.Worth giving it a go :)

  • is it amotripline you take

  • No it's dosulepin which is the same as amitriptyoline xx

  • I get dreadful backache after a day at work and find an anti inflammatory gel rubbed on and the putting my heat pad (warm in microwave) on top works really well x

  • I have good relief with a TENS machine. The one I was loaned from the Pain Clinic at the hospital was brilliant - industrial size! And really sorted out the pain. The one I've bought from Lloyds is smaller & not so good, but I find it helps when I'm getting really bad back or neck ache.

    Julie xxx

  • Hi I have been given versati medicated plasters , they are very expensive so the gp will not hand them out also you might want to ask your pain management clinic or nurse. You can cut them up size and they last up to 12 hours. If your working you can call access to work and they can come to see your work station. Good luck x x x

  • Just read Julesq27 post and I agree......I can sympathise... pain at night is a real 'PAIN'....I could sleep as long as the pain killers I was taking were active ...but non would get me through the I asked my Doctor if there was any thing else that might help...he looked dazzed for a minute then said 'How about LIDOCAINE (VERSATIS) patches'.....there a anesthetic medication patch....they work really well and I can now get through the night, most night's. with out waking up in pain.....during the day if my pain is very bad I also use a TEN'S machine......hope this helps.....

  • Hi, I got a tens machine from Lloyds and use it for half hour at night and find that after the first couple of nights it really starts to help the pain both at night and the next day. Its the first thing iv found to help the pain. Any of the stronger pain relief just left me out of sorts the next day. Maybe you could try it in combination with pain relief.

  • hi i take amatripline at night it helps with my cronic pain but not my low back pain

  • Hi i cant take pain relief i use magnet wraps,they help me.

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