Farsical Fridays a new element of fun and frolics starting this week with Panto land

Firtsly please name that panto it is up to you can we have suggestion please nominate or make up your panto by 2.00 today then we can start casting

Guys please be as farsical as you like he cast will be at least 8 people looking forward to everyones ideas lets have some fun ------!!

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  • Snow white

  • Cinderella............ with my looks I could easily be one of the ugly sisters :o :o

    Foggy x

  • Morning Foggy well thats the ugly sisters sorted then LOLOLOL what are we called?

    heheh ;)

    I've just woke up! so I could be sleepy or dopey too LOLOLOL

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Okay gins I think 2pm today may have to be extended as there aren't many peeps about yet :O

    Could casting take place tomorrow? :D

    Hmmmnnnn! how about Alladin do we have a pantomime dame for fibro twanky?


    oliver........... please sir can I have some more!..............pain meds I mean we've all had to pick a pocket or two to get a diagnosis :D ;) :D

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • So we need more suggestions folks so far it is Cinderella snow white are there no more what about Aladdin Puss finding gold in Boots . Puss in Boots is the tale of the poor becomeing rich but can we take one and make it relevant to Fibro So Cinder would be findus the fishy tale of a young Findus finding her Widerfit shoes and going to the ball. Something like that?????

  • I can almost picture some of that gins xx very funny :D

  • My elegantly abnormally slim feet would be a dead cert for the glass slipper hehehehe :D :D

  • Hi Foggy how are you today and how did the x-ray go? xxxzebxxx

  • I see Barry tomorrow to find out, he doesn't work on Weds pm but I'm still in agony and just about to have another spot of Oramorph and try to lie down for a while. Its so so good to be home and back in my own bed though zeb :-)

  • That's how I felt too :) own bed............ heheh!

    Well I hope its good news and hopefully they can do something to help :)

    xxx I have physio assessment again tomorrow :o lets hope something good comes from that too :o


  • Jack and the Bean Stalk.

  • I nearly suggested that jillylin :D good choice I thought we could have fibro jack - chance for those budding blokes to play the lead!

    How are you by the way?

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • ooooh, I like it. Can I play the back end of the cow? I have the legs for it. Unless you have an 'udder' people in mind?



  • Hi jilly, how you doing today ?

  • Hi Foggy, had a bad patch depression wise but getting there, thanks.



  • dick whittinton - we'd have to include the famous [supposedly true] line ,,,

    "2 o'clock and still no sign of Dick!" :D

    seriously, what about

    "snow white and the 7 dwarfs meet aladdin at cinderella's"?

    I could be Dame Snot oops! Trot

  • Love it what a lovely idea Dame Snot a lot xxgins

  • What about Snow White and the seven fluffies?or fibroella instead of Cinderella?puss in wider fit boots?cant think now as fog is too bad :(

  • very good H

    how are you this morning if you can see through the fog? heheh!

    I'm out this morn but shall be back lunch timish before popping out again mid-aft :) typing still bonkers but hopefully doc will allay my fears about that this aft :)

    snuggly fluffies

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Hi zeb,Iam about to write a very long post about my trip to the new docs Yesturday as Iam very angry with her! According to her we are all fit and healthy with fibromyalgia and shouldn't need walking sticks or have any reason to be stuck at home or have a "normal life"!!!! :O

  • see a different doctor hunny :)

    shall speak later when I return :) xxx

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