ANNOUNCEMENT: Members have been receiving a message about investing in HU. It is legit!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Members have been receiving a message about investing in HU. It is legit!

Hi guys,

I sincerely hope that everyone is feeling as well as they possibly can be today?

Many of you have received messages about investing in HU, and contacted me about it. Please can I reassure everyone that the message it legit and it is not a scam. I have pasted the type if message you have been receiving below:

'Username' you can be an investor in HealthUnlocked through crowdfunding.

Improving your health by connecting you to others is why we exist.

We've decided to open up the business of HealthUnlocked to you, the people who use and benefit from it by setting aside a portion of company shares as a crowdfunding initiative.

You can be an investor in HealthUnlocked through the crowdfunding website CrowdCube from as little as £100.

70% of the funding has already been raised and we will not be taking extra funding.

Click below to learn more.

Visit our crowdfunding page

Jorge Armanet



Thanks is for your time

I want to genuinely wish everyone all the best of luck, and please take care of yourselves.

All my hopes and dreams for everyone

Ken x :)

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  • Thanks for confirming this Ken.

    Good to know you are there to check these things out for us. Joolz.x

  • Thanks my friend x :)

  • sorry but I didn't think it was legit, didn't click on anything & reported it as a phishing scam!

  • I do not blame you my friend. If anyone is ever in doubt about an email it is the best thing to do.

  • Liewise. There are so many scams about. I've had an email purporting to be from my power supplier - from a <.ro> address!

  • Apparently it is my lucky day! I have won the Nigerian lottery and my Russian relative passed away leaving me their diamond mine? I simply cannot believe my luck! :)

  • Yeah, and just after the Japanese tsunami my relative I didn't know about over there left me £1m. Accessed by sending an "administrative fee". How low can these folk get.

  • You lucky b****r you! :) :)

  • Hi well ive had my icloud account suspended as can't verify my details! good job don't have anything "i" then! lol

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that my friend. It is so annoying when things like this happen!

  • I'm not worried just find it amusing that spam/scammers try all these tricks without basic knowledge of even making emails/texts etc look half convincing!

    there's such a big hole in there sails that the yacht don't even move!

  • I get put off the emails when they have glittery stars etc around them! :)

  • Very low fenbadger

    But unfortunately, there are folk,some very clever folk I might add ,who actually believe these scams to be true.

    I have worked in the banking industry for 40 years.A director of a large well known business came in to make a payment of £60k to these people .When recd they would send him £1million pounds inheritance back.Who in their right mind sends £60k,out on a whim and a fancy.? We managed to talk him outof it eventually but he genuinely thought he was going to get this huge sum back from them.

    It was his own sheer greed that could have been his downfall.Luckily he was stopped in time.If something sounds too good to true then itnusually is .tread carefully.



  • I was just going to ask about that post as was suspicious

  • If they cant put the title of the organisation in the address I get highly suspicious straightaway, and even if its there it MUST be spelled correctly. And then I still don't trust it. There was a thing on FB recently with someone begging on various groups. I'd wondered how they got accepted on them in the first place.

  • I agree totally my friend.

  • I glide over the hyper link to see where sent from if company should match sender plus big companies will be from dedicated server so would be a@wheresyourmoney.something like here would be healthunlocked

  • Your lucky all i ever get is Russian hookers! :-)

  • What a coincidence my friend, I have had a few emails like that! :)

  • Thanks for checking for us Ken.....see we do need you!!!! x

  • I have gone into blush mode again! x :)

  • Thanks for confirming that Ken. I must admit to being very suspicious of emails like this, especially if they ask for money.

  • I really don't blame you my friend. I get so many suspicious emails everyday it is getting quite ridiculous!

  • Hi Ken

    thank you so much for checking this on our behalf - I am afraid I do get very suspicious about this type of email although raising money by "crowdfunding" does seem to be getting more popular.

    With kind regards.


  • Thanks my friend, I don't blame you with all of the scams that are going about x :)

  • Hi when i have more time and brains feeling more free!

    I will post up a few tips on some things ive found and know plus dangers of facebook etc

  • Thanks my friend that would be genuinely appreciated :)

  • one is facebook don't respect the cookie code so if post to there from a link like from here and not clicked stay logged in you are still logged in and it will follow you every where like a love sick puppy so have to go back into fb and log out manually also if use fb "messenger" make sure log out/close all of it in settings and clear cache etc on phone it also takes your info off your device

    Had a thing while back as rarely use it never use messenger/on my phone had al these people to add? yet some i had no digital connection to don't have any contact details of them yet there there to add!

    Other was through a separate email address yet there to add on there!

    there is/was a court case in Holland if think about this intrusion where people who have no dealings with fb are having there data trashed by fb just because have someone else they know using it.

    So if use fb make sure you clear cookies/log out to break link or what you post here for one will be over there

  • Thanks for this my friend it is really useful to know. I bought some aquarium equipment from ebay. Later I went on to FB and there were adverts for the stuff I had just bought!

  • Scammers are spammers

    Phishers are wishers

    Lotto scam "winners" are sinners

    Our email is too frail!

  • Hi Sammicat15

    That gave me a giggle thanks. It is not just the scams that get me down. I keep reporting to Gmail some of the most disgusting emails that I receive from abroad. Gmail then block them but they soon get new email addresses and start again trying to sell disgusting things!

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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