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Should I be here

I've been in this state of pain of one sort or another the whole of my life strange symptoms that cannot be explained but mine are not so severe as others just niggling strange pains. Sudden throb in my thigh which then causes an odd ache in my right cheek of my face. So strange sometimes how the same pain is caused in a random part of the body simultaneously. Anyway guess my point is I'm not sure I should be on here as you all seem so bad with fibro and mine seems quite mild

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I think as there is so much to learn on this forum with all the different types of postings, it's good that you have chosen it. I just wonder if you have ever thought of trying traditional style Chinese Acupuncture ? It's all about yin and yang and aiming to balance the energy round ones body,giving help where it is needed. I have found it beneficial for aches and pains etc. Sometimes treatments at a lower rate are available at a college or university where students are supervised in this training. You may be interested in reading about Acupuncture in your local library or maybe a book on Acupressure.


Thank-you for your reply. I do some reading on it.

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I think a lot of people here have other illnesses as well which makes it seem like they have more pain than others. I don't have huge amounts of pain compared to others here but it also does depend on the day. Yesterday I was fine (more or less) pain wise although shattered, today I have a lot of pain in my shoulders, neck and head and am resting on a hot water bottle to ease it and am struggling to function properly.

You have fibro so yes, you should be here as there is always information to be gained and tips on how to deal with things and also to know you are not alone with this stupid illness and you can get support. How much you feel you need to be here is of course up to you.

Hope that helps :)



I also have strange pains jumping from one part of my body to another. When I tell a health professional they don't say anything a nd I feel as though they think I'm mark ng it up

I have fibro and spondylosis


This is the same for me. No one believes me. The last time I visited the doc she said my muscle enzymes were raised which would cause the pains I feel. So this is real then I said to her. Yes she replied why would you think it's not real. Because people don't generally believe me. She was shocked and said oh no this is very real. You are experiencing these pains. At least I got a bit of an answer.


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