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On an emotional roller coaster

Four weeks ago I was so happy when my younger son got engaged to his lovely girlfriend and planning to marry next year. Then on Thursday my older son rang to tell me that he and his girlfriend are splitting up after living together for over two years. I am so sad for him and her too as I like her so much. They have to sort out what to do now, but at least he can live with us for a while as he can commute from our side of London.

My emotions are all over the place. I am so happy for one and so sad for the other. Just feel a total wreck.

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Gentle Hugs.


What a shame for your older son, panda, but lovely news for younger one. Well, that's life I suppose, but it doesn't stop hurting when something happens with our kids. Enjoy feeling happy for your youngest, but be there for his older brother. And his ex too, of course. I'm sure youngest son wouldn't want to stop you feeling happy for his brother.

Gentle Hugs,

Julie xxx


Hi Panda

It's true, we never stop worrying about our children, even when they have grown up. It seems to be a life long responsibility that comes with being a parent. My son is in the army and my daughter lives in southern Ireland and I always worry about them no matter what is going on in their lives. We think we have it all sorted, then something else crops up. It's hard to stand back and let them get on with it, because we always want to take the pain and worry away from them.

Hope you feel a little better about your sons. At least they know you are there for them.

Gentle hugs

Tannels xx


Doesn't seem to matter what age your children are they are always there to be worried about , sure everything happens for reason and it may be that despite how bad things are he may come out of it and come out the other side happier than before. Sure with your support he will get through try and support him and not get to upset with it as that won't help you. I went through similar things with my son and a few months ago he got with a girl he had been friends with for over a year and they are inseparable and soo happy . There is light at the end of he tunnel hope you are all ok xx


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