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New symptom - numbness

Fibro certainly keeps us guessing-

I woke up this morning with the WHOLE left side of me dead.

Incredibly scary with face, neck, arm, body, leg and foot completely numb.

I have had patches of numbness and sometimes a limb, but never like this before.

It's improved over the past hour and seems to be returning to normal. Nothing's drooping at all, just numb.

Anyone had this before?

Really freaked out.


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I think I would give my GP a ring and check it out. Sounds like a trapped nerve but get it checked hope you feel better soon! gins


I would too, always better to check.


Yes, do see your GP without delay - it sounds like a mini-stroke to me (known as a T.I.A.)

This is nothing to be too worried about, but if not treated you could become very ill, so do get checked over as soon as possible!

Moffy x


Hi, this keeps happening to me, the last time I was at the hairdressers!!!! I remember going to the sink, and that was it!!!!!! Back in hospital. Neuro docs keep saying there's nothing wrong with me!!!!! Its happened a lot of times. Yeah I sit around just for fun n start shaking n collasping all over the place!!!!!!!! They just wont commit to giving me a diagnosis. I've lost all faith in hospitals n doctors!!!!!! Hope you feel better crybaby xx?


Hi the whole of my left side top leg is and has numb for years and its starting on the other side .I never went to docs as i dont really like him that much ,he is young fit and has no idea of the limitations we face daily ,so i hardly ever go and i should because i suffer more than i need ,i think its becoming a phobia with me HELP xx


I went to my GP to check (just to be on the safe side). Apparently it's a common side effect of many medications for Fibro. I am on 600mgs (the max dose) of Lyrica per day. So they say it's from that. They said it's likely to be that if it goes in a few hours, but it's more of a concern when it lasts.

I know everyone is different- but I thought I'd share the outcome.

Matrix- you are not alone. Have it checked out- find a doctor who will treat you better!


Oh, and a trapped nerve would likely only be the top half or bottom half of the body, not down the whole side. xxx


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