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Tramadol good/or not?

Many of fibromites are given doses of Tramadol. It is helpful in small doses &short term I have found/been medically advised.

Unfortunately it is addicive. I know of more than 2 people who were hooked.(not necessarily high dose) So what to do?

Obviously ask your health care professional about use if they offer it.

You already have in your meds?Is there an alternative you can be offered?

Just personally it toke 10 months to come off of Tramadol under medical supervision.I actually feel better. I still get foggy brain so Med was not cause of confusion.

Does anyone want to comment?

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I am super sensitive to meds after co dydramol stopped working for the pain my dr gave me tramadol all it did for me was give me real bad headaches to contend with as well as the pain.... I didn't find it addictive .. Just useless..... Saying that I was given diazepam which is also supposed to be addictive ... It worked for the pain so well I kept forgetting to take it cos I wasn't in pain.... So obviously I didn't find that addictive either .... But it has been the best muscle relaxant I have tried but was only given couple of weeks supply as it is addictive .... But they lasted a month cos I kept forgetting to take them. Xx


I've been on this for a few yrs my dose is a whooping 600 mg a day miss one and you know about it .


I tried Tramadol for pain relief, it didn't help my pain at all. However, it made me feel very spaced out and off the planet. I mentioned this to my GP and my meds were changed. :)


Hi Libby what do you have for pain and whatever it is

Does it take it all away


All medication is addictive, but is it better than the pain

600mg is a lot of medication, I take 150sl but only when

I need it which is almost all the time

When I have a lot of pain I take this twice a day and 50mg for

Break through pain, I am very careful and only take if I realy

Need to I could not work without the slow release tramadol,

it does not takr all the pain away need a stronger than that

Maybe 200sl but it is enough to let me work

If I stop taking them which I do if I am home I get the sweets which

You get anyway on tramadol

You have to ask yourself what is worse pain or medication without

Medication you have no life

So for me tramadol what else is there. Pregablin that's addictive as well

Can't win can we

I understand that in some country's they give hash tablets which has

Been shown to give good results, this is done under a doctor, I suppose

We could grow some, I don't think so, shame if it works.


it is hard to wean off from but I found it suited me for my pain so it was worth it.



i was on 400mls a day didnt find them addictive at all just took them if and when needed, now im on mst 5mgs twice a day and tramadol 50mgs 2x 4x a day if needed but like madhelen when i do take them they give me a headache xx


must say though they are brilliant long with paracetamol for toothache xx


As I understand it, it is ok to take Paracetamol with Tramadol, but if you have any doubts about taking these with your other medications, please ask your Doctor first as they may not be compatible and could make you very ill. It's always best to check first. Don't just assume it's ok to mix medications because very often it isn't. Take care folks! :)


I hate taking medication as long term effects and wish I could come off tramadol as side effects aren't nice but then it's so painfull that I can't move .


lol libbydee all my meds r prescribed by my doc including paracetamol, i have to be careful of certain tablets especially antibiotics as they make me ill, but i do know what you are saying whats good for one isnt good for the other xx


That's absolutely right Sparkydawl lol! ;) :)


I take 400mg tramadol, 8 paracetamol tabs, 100mg amitriptyline, 15mg meloxicam and 60mg Cymbalta/duloxetine per day plus use capsaicin cream on my joints for osteoarthritis. Been on tramadol 4 years but wouldn't say I'm hooked as some days I don't need it. I also have diazepam for really bad pain when my meds don't work. When I first started tramadol it gave me massive headaches, nausea and horrible itchy skin for 2 weeks but my doc told me to push on thru as these symptoms are common and I came out the other side fine and now don't get bad symptoms. I started Cymbalta 2 weeks ago and find I have itchy skin off and on and headaches off and on. My brain feels more foggy than usual and because I'm also on amitriptyline and tramadol I'm more sleepy but it should wear off in a couple of weeks I think

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interesting: Tramadol did the same for me but my GP agreed it was wise to stop them.


I take tramadol twice a day,I couldn't cope without it tbh it really helps my pain,I'm also on pregablin once a day,amytriptiline 25 mg,duloxeetine 60mg and I take paracetamol with the tramadol. I also take a probiotic which is brilliant for ibs. Also take vit b12, vit d,vitc and coenzyme q10 and also a beta blocker to help with anxiety.


I tried a high dose of Tramadol and it was no good at all, tho' it did make me feel very drunk!

I saw a rheumatologist and he said that two paracetamol, plus 50mgm of Tramadol would be a good thing to try, and it worked very, very well indeed - I was amazed.

I now take this dose twice daily, though I could take more if needed. It has made my life bearable, tho' I still have bad days.

It's quite safe to mix the two, but you should check with your own GP before taking any mixtures of medication.

Even at this low dose, there is a risk of mild addiction, but I don't feel this a great problem if you get good relief from chronic pain.


I take the slow release 200 tramadol, 1 in am & 1 pm & i know when i don't take one it feels like starting at the begining on which meds suited me.

I like the slow release, as at first it was 2x4 times a day and with other meds i take it i felt i was taking a tube of smarties lol.

The other thing i found as i have cfs/me i would miss taking meds at right time and, i set alarm to help but with the fatiguie it didn't suit me the 2x4 tramadol.

It is what suit you as we are all diffrent and have diffrent lifestyles etc. some meds need time to get used to, i have a laugh at what i used to go through thinking back on some ot the side effects being high & very strange, sorry i am goin on a bit, take care & hope you are having a good day...xx.Mary


LOVE the slow release 7 day buprenorphine skin patch - still opiate based but by-passes stomach and it does reduce the need for loads top-up pills etc. which I hate & have trouble swallowing. I know some people find they itch, but for me there is no easy option, this is the best one I've found. Some days the pain reaches such a level if someone offered decapitation I'd probably accept! :)


awwww tulips xxxxxxxxx


Tulips, I think we can all relate to feeling like that at some time or other - perfectly understandable with the pain levels we have to tolerate. It's so important to have the correct level of pain relief so we can manage our pain and fatigue the best we can. :)


I have been proscribed tramadol by my Gp as an extra painkiller and haven't got addictied. though now I find its leaving me even more exhausted than usual with fibro. I also have a friend who has taken tramadol for pain in the past and has now been repercribed it and has had an allergic reaction. So I think tramadol should be taken with care.


hi. tramadol is good for me as a pain relief, but they make me drowsy. so i dont have a very good quality of life. im trying to find the right dosage for me, so that i can still do the things i like to do. ive been designing and making lots of things since 2005. i found that i had at least some pupose in this pain filled life. and ive been made a nanna in the last month. kind regards. nicola.


Congratulations, Nicola! :-) xx


hallo all, I smashed my tail bone (cant spell the Latin name - coxycs?) because I have virtago. Hurt like something horrible, so doc.gave me Tramadol which worked wondrfully, then I fell over again but this time I only bruised my arm. I am so very lucky as I am not in constant pain, but when it comes boy does it come. Like the demons from Hell no less! I had itchy skin, sore eyes, sleeplessness, arthritis (for which my hospital has provided a surgiccal glove which I adore), epilipsy, diabetes, bi polar condition, and I go through bouts of sheer panic but to have you splendid people to talk to is wonderful. Thank you and gentle hugs.



I must be one of the lucky ones.I can 2 Tramadol x 4 a day 3x Gabapenting and Paracetomol.Depending on wether a good day or bad determines how many I take.

I was not aware originally that the different tablets were for different areas/types of pain,until I asked my GP why I was on them.He explained the importance of taking all 3 ,when and why.

So far its working for me 9 mths down the road.

I hope you all get sorted and soon find some decent pain relief



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