I notice on the sites that I have been on a lot of people are having issues with their GP. Try to remember we are the customers and a lot of us have been paying most of our lives for this service. They earn good money and they don't have to do the job. They are busy but it is their choice to take on too many patients. Sometimes I will have to wait 4 weeks or more to see the doctor of my choice. Hope this hasn't upset anyone

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  • I agree x

  • I guess you are right Maisie as you say we are in a way paying their wages, but they do seem to have way of talking down to you sometimes with an air of superiority and I suppose that could be because they may think where would we be without them, ....I've been waiting years for a doctor like the one I've had for the past year, she was the first one I have had any trust in, but I find out now that she left a week before Christmas, I'm gutted,,,,, I think some of us don't posses the guts to speak up, due to the way we were brought up, which isn't always a good thing, because you just get trodden on, in my day it was children should be seen an not heard, which isn't always a good thing because you lose the inability to stick up for yourself in case u are being rude........hope you all have a good day, sending you all a handful of sunshine......Dee xx

  • Morning Dee :)

    How are you today?

    I agree with you trust is important between patient and GP and I'm sad that your lovely GP has left and hope you find someone equally as understanding

    (((Dee))) many lavender healing fluffies on route to you :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • my practice lets anyone see any doctor instead of sticking to the dr they registered with and then like you say you cant get an appointment. twice I have been told this so I went to minor injuries unit(it is very close to the dr s surgery and they got me an appointment, if your drs is near a hospital go there and let them get you an appointment. this wont work for most people, ,have been back and forth to mine arguing that I don't have IBS and it is a cyst or ovarian cancer.

  • I have a wonderful doctor, the best bit about him is he truly listens and tries to help with referrals etc.

    The worst bit is getting an appointment with him. He is only there three and a half days a week, so remembering which days he is on sometimes eludes me. My health centre will make an emergency appointment to see any doctor on the day but you have to ring at 8.30 am. Many times I have rung at 8.29 and a few seconds to be told to ring the out of hours number and then when I redial I find I am ninth in the queue! Very annoying.

    If you make an appointment the ordinary way it can take three weeks to see him. If when you get there he says "I want to see you in a week's time for a follow up" he gives you a slip of paper to give to the receptionist, they call it a "golden ticket" as it takes priority over other appointments. It is a crazy system.

    However, because he is such a good doctor, I don't want to change surgeries.

  • I hve had this up just before 8 and receive a message and ring back two mins later and cant get thru especially on a monday dr also covers the local hospital doing ward rounds and covering minor injuries dept.onthem days he only has a couple of appointments in am and pm

  • Hi Bluebell :)

    Very crazy system............ Golden ticket to go around where? the chocolate factory where I'm sure we'd lose you (joking of course!)

    That's how they allude you my dear friend through distraction LOL

    Seriously though :) at the end of the faff you have an understanding GP that you trust and get on with.

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • I have a doctor who i thought was there for me, but isnt to degree it is stressful at the moment. I need to find a new one x

  • I am one of the very lucky ones who has a really knowledgeable and understanding GP , I wish I could clone him and give him to everyone here hehe ! Seriously though, he is great and if I want to see him I generally ring the surgery and ask him to ring me back, which he always does, then once we've discussed what's going on, if he thinks he needs to see me he will fit me in, so I don't get involved with the chaos of the appointment system run from the receptionists.

    I think I have previously pointed out that what we tend to forget is that doctors are there to serve us, and not the other way round, we tend to feel so disempowered when dealing with medics, but if you are pleasant and not cross in your dealings with anyone in the medical circles, I think generally you get a better service :-)

    Foggy x

  • I'd clone mine too Foggy :) xx

  • Hi,

    I had two lovely GPs , now both retired. The jury is still out on my new one.



  • Hi maise1

    I agree with you 100% you are exactly right. I can't complain as I have a really good GP but many people on the site have had a terrible time with their doctors.

    I hope that you are as well as can be.

    Ken x

  • I also think the problems with the NHS and especially A+E we need to look at the first rung of the ladder GPs. I am a nurse I have to work unsocial hours so why don't they. People are attending A+E because the cant get an appt. with their GP. Apparently it will cost your GP £90 every time you go to A+E so it may make them consider changes

  • Thank you for that. I had no idea it was so expensive for a GP when we go to A&E. Maybe we should all go to A&E if we can't get an appointment. I think you are right! They would soon amend their working hours!

  • Hi Maisie

    I agree with what you say but I must also add that the frustration for those that have to wait is painful and unproductive for their care. When they eventually get to see there GP and the GP isn't understanding towards their problems or requests it is then difficult for them. I think that is the main problem here on this forum, it is difficult to find a GP that understands and respects fibromyalgia as a real illness and waiting to see a GP doesn't help their health anxiety which in turn makes their symptoms worse.

    I'm lucky because the longest I ever wait is a week but they usually fit me in straight away :) I also have the added security of the fact my GP is understanding. However, it hasn't always been like that and I've had to endure the problem too prior to the service I get now, which is more than applaudable. I trust my GP with my life and that is what we strive for, isn't it?

    Remember this is just my opinion hunny and I do agree with you :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • If i needed a doctor urgently, my guess any one will do, but to see my GP i have to accept i may need to wait to see him. He only works two days a week, he is semi retired now. He certainly isn't near a hospital , he is 7 miles away and 14 miles to one hospital or 30 to another one. I guess you could say its like tossing a coin, heads or tails!

    The problem in the country is that they are always talking about building more housing, or social housing, but they never make sure those residents have the right facilities! Xx

  • There are 2 doctors at my surgery. One is awful the other fantastic, the trouble is sometimes I have to wait up to 4 weeks to see her. The other is so rude I won't venture near him. She will listen and is not judgemental. She always gives me a hug at the end

  • Thats nice, mine always says it been nice to see us. I always go with my OH. I just wish that all doctors had to follow a strict code of conduct. Im not saying they should give in to everything, but too many use their own personal opinions rather than their medical opinion :( xx

  • Hello all,

    Please do check out our list of Fibro Friendly Healthcare Professionals;

    Also if any members who have a Fibro Friendly GP or a Consultant and you are happy to provide a testimonial for the directory on the website, please let us know via email

    Please also see the post below which has other links to the website which may help you to communicate more effectively with your current GP if you are experiencing difficulty;

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  • Hello Maisie1,

    Please can I provide you with this information on our website about GPs, which may help;

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

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  • Thanks for all the info and taking the time to post this

  • No problem at all :)

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