I have a couple of things I want to ask.Can anyone recommend a good electric heat pad for your back as mine is no longer working?

Also,I think I have got a uti again as I've got all the symptoms but I don't really want to take any more antibiotics as I was constantly taking them for over a year for recurrent uti's and have now stopped taking them as since I was taking them my fm has gradually got worse.My g.p put me on them every day as a last resort as I couldn't seem to stop getting the uti's but I decided myself that I was no longer happy to keep taking them so I want to know if anyone knows of something else that might help?Iam already taking cranberry capsules.

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  • Cranberry is excellent for you B12 is good as well. Very difficult with utis lots of fluid anti biotics you are doing all the right things. I used to find drinking tonic water helped as well. Good luck xgins

  • Hello Haribo36, I found an excellent sheepskin shoulder/neck heated pad. I got it from lidel's it was perfect for me as it had a slight collar on it, which was fab as my neck and ears get so cold quickly. It cost £16.99. my one has worn out but I shall defo being looking to get a new one, as I found I didn't need the fire on as well as the central heating, which is sooooo expensive these days. I hope you manage to get one.

    Shazzad xxx

  • Hi shazzad,thanks for your reply.Can you tell me whether this covers your back as well?x

  • Pretty much, u could move it around im sure, its like a cape with a stand up collar really, i usually put my beany heat bag at the bottom of my back in the cold winter nights.....so cosy, good luck xxx

    Shazzad xxx

  • Hi Haribo,

    Can't help you with the heat pad question, I'm afraid, as I always use a hot water bottle (old-fashioned, me!) but on the question of your constant urinary tract infections - have you seen a consultant urologist?

    There are many reasons for these recurrent problems, and if repeated courses of antibiotics don't clear up the trouble, then you need investigations.

    Here is a link to a useful site:


    I really think you should go to your GP and ask very firmly for a referral so that this can be sorted out for you!

    Best of luck :)

    Moffy x

  • Thanks moffy and gins for your replies.I don't like tonic water but will give it a go though.I will go back to my g.p and insist as you say!Thanks for the link,I will look at that x

  • hi haribo have you tried taking Kwai Garlic tablets, they are brilliant, garlic purifies the blood its the herbal tablet to antibiotics, I take one daily and have done for years and have had very few colds, never have uti, try them they may help, its worth a go hentle hugs to you ....Dee x

  • Hi there,thanks for your reply.Can you tell me where I can buy them.Ive just ordered a herbal remedy called oregan grape as read that it is a substitute to anti-biotics.Can I get them from boots?or super drugs?x

  • Hi haribo, yes you can get them from boots super drugs ect, there is a site u can go on to, called healthspan, they sell all homeopathic stuff, they do black garlic,, which I have heard is suppose to be better, if u do buy Kwai then make sure you buy the one a day box, let me know how you get on, have u tred the ubiquinol. For energy god luck gentle hugs ...Dee x

  • Hi Harbo36 ,Regarding your heat pad, i managed to get a good sized one from Argos for £19.99

    It really does soothe the pain, and also has an adjustable heat control.

    Hope this helps!



  • Thanks a lot,I will have to have a look in Argos x

  • OOH OOH...

  • Ooh Ooh... I would definitely keep OFF Cranberry if you have repeated symptoms of UTI and fibromyalgia, as fibro has a very nasty friend called Interstitial Cystitis and I should know because I have it. You have the symptoms of an infection, maybe even white cells and blood in your urine, but you might not have a bacterial infection, but instead, the lining of your bladder is damaged. If that is the case, taking Cranberry is like pouring acid on a raw wound. Latest research into Cranberry shows it has absolutely NO effect on UTI although it has been useful in preventing infections in people with a permanent catheter, but without a catheter there is no research to back it up - if it seems to work, then it is psychological and I don;t know why health professionals keep recommending it now seeing that the research discrediting it is quite old. With IC the pee just burns your bladder wall. So keep off anything that is acid - fruit, tomatoes, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, coffee, tea, chocolate a(boo hoo), carbonated drinks, anything very spicy, and any artificial sweeteners and flavourings. Plus foods that help an inflammed bladder are honey, peas, white bread, white cake, peppermint and camomile. Also drink lots and lots and lots - the more you drink, the weaker your urine is, and the less you want to pee. Go and see your doctor and ask if you could see a urologist to have your symptoms investigated - even if you have frequent UTI you need a check - and it might be the horrible IC, so treat it as if it is unless otherwise proven. And definitely, definitely, definitely do not have Cranberry or any fruit juice. Like fibro there is no cure and no real treatment either, but the diet really, really, really helps. It takes about 3 months for the wall of your bladder to heal, and after that you can start to add a few things to your diet and see if you react.

  • And ps - NO alcolhol. But it is worth it to be free of that horrible bladder pain and the feeling that you want to pee night and day.

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