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Wet Room assessment

Hi Peeps.

I had our local Occupational Therapist out on monday to assess me and my flat and after discussions about me keep falling out of the bath as I can ot get my leg up high enough hence my hubby now having to help me in and out for a shower (baths I cannot have anymore due to the constant feel of the water on my skin) any way long story short she was very nice and has put me through for a wet room so that I can gain my independence back that will undoubtedly give me a well needed boost in my life right now.

She has said she will put it down as a priority but obviously there is a waiting list.

So my questions are....has anybody had one fitted if so.....

1) How long did you have to wait for it to be done

2) How long did the works take to complete

3) Has it changed your life for the better

Thanking your advance

Hayley xx

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Hi there,I had exactly the same problem as you & saw OT aswell priority.said it could take a year on the waiting list,but it happened in about 5-6 months. It took about ,,about 5 days to do .I have a seat etc & it's been the best thing that has helped carers can help me but when I shower myself it's lovely. I can sit in there for ages,taking my time &washing myself. You will never regret it & you will defo love it too.. good luck x


Oh thank you Soozie..thats great to hear! My hubby will miss his bath but he has agreed so that I can be more independent and is going to by a blow up bath that he has seen on the internet so that when he really is craving a bath he can put that in the wet room and then just pull the plug out! hehe....and from what you are saying it really has helped you! She said that the shower comes with a stool too so i will be able to sit whilst washing hair etc as my back is really bad when standing.

Thank you for your reply...very much appreciated!!! Soft huggs

Hayley xx


I would'nt be without our wet room now even though it cost us over £5,000 as I don't get any benefits, it was worth every penny of my savings.


Thank you for your reply I know im doing the right thing...

Cheers hun xxx


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