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Pip assessment

Last Monday I went for the dreaded pip assessment. I was in with the assessor for an hour and 40 mins so I'm sure you can appreciate how intensive taxing and draining it was. I was wiped out and it took till Thurs for me to get over it.

I am girding myself up now for the decision which will take 4-8 weeks. I have no doubt that I will be refused and will need to appeal. Particularly as I was told by the assessor she wouldn't be able to put everything down as she was limited to the number of characters she could use. This meant she had to paraphrase what I was saying.

I shall let you know when I get my decision.

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Best of luck.Good things come to those who wait!!! Peck.😊

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Hi loobyloopy, I think it is disgusting that all you have to say won't be written down, why bother asking people in the first place. This is the rest of our lives that they are messing about with & how much money we will have to live on. I wish you good luck. May I ask if you have had any of your monies stopped while you wait for your appeal?

I will follow your post. Take care.

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This is the problem with that computerised system they use as if it won't fit in the assigned box they can't out it in and unfortunately so many might be good clinicians but not very good of doing a précis of all the I porysnt points you have said. I do hope that you get the right outcome and yes please let us know.x

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Hi loobyloopy

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your decision. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi there

I'm sorry that I've only just noticed that your post is not locked.

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Wishing you calmness and peace

Lu x

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Hi, this is 1st time using this site,

I also have fibro and applied for pip, I had to ask helper to fill in form and still got turned down, went to tribunal and had a horrible judge who was very rude to my friend who came with me for support as I am struggling and can not take it all in, I use a walking stick 90% of the time and still I was refused.

I have not appealed again as it was causing me to much stress and anxiety.

What annoyed me most is the tribunal was held at the disability resource centre who hold classes on fibromyalgia and recognises it as a disability but still can not get pip.

They should try living with it.

And a few months back also had extensive DVT and had 2 stents fitted to save my life, which was not diagnosed by go or fibro consultant who blamed it on the fibro so I took myself to a & e as I was sure it was DVT please all listen to you body not the gp's who blame everything on our fibro.

Let me know if you get pip, good luck.


I too had my assessment las week and as you say it does take it's toll on you but fingers crossed that we get awarded it but as you say probably won't and will have to have a reconsideration. I wonder if they do realise the effect that these interview's have on everybody causing more stress and worry. But good luck x


I have mine tomorrow...thank you for sharing.


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