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Hi everyone back to work the last couple of weeks was ok even rode my bike one day !!!!

Anyway started feeling severe muscle twitching in arms and legs and very painful shooting pains this went on for a week on Monday I woke up and 3 of my toes were numb and had weakness in my right leg , it left like something being tightened walking like wading through mud . So called doctor can you come to the surgery uh!!!! No I can't walk , so spoke to doctor on phone who said I had a trapped nerve yeh right so gave me some diazipan 2 mg 3 times a day , it has quitened down the muscle spasms but am getting them all over my body !! I'm still waiting to see a Rheumatoligist as docs not sure if I even have fibro as very similar symptoms to ms. Have had symptoms on and off since 2000 : (

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Iam so sorry to hear all this,must be frustrating not knowing either way.Ive had shooting trapped nerve pain myself so can emphasise.I normally end up with a heat pad on the area which is the only thing that helps,and not walking much.I hope you don't have to wait too long to see the rheumy,sending you lots of fluffy calming hugs x


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