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Feeling a bit scared!!!!

Hi all, I have just had another lot of facet joint injections 2 weeks ago n seem to not be working properly, still in pain. I can't pace myself anymore or I will stop!

My consultant told me if they dont work this time, I may have to have my nerve denovated, (lazered or cut) I am quite nervous of this as I have already had a major op om my back. Got pain clinic ringing me on thurs. Has anyone else been through something like this?

Havent got anyone to turn to for advice n feel really alone xxxx

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Sorry I haven't - but sit tight & there's bound to be someone out there whose had a similar experience OR is there a community on backs on HealthUnlocked? thinking about you x ann


Hi Mystique

It sounds like you are having a tough time. Can I ask where you had your facet joint injections as I am due to have them next wk in c1-c5. I am also having a nerve block in my neck. Dreading it. Hope your local pain clinic are being supportive. X


Hi, I had facet joint injections in lower back a couple of years ago the first lot didn't work in fact they made my pain a lot worse! They did the 2nd ones deeper and at first they didn't seem to work but they did make some improvement. To be honest though I changed the way I did things and this probably helped me more, not that I have got rid of the pain I have pins and needles and numbness down my left leg going into my foot all of the time. I have also had major spinal surgery in the past, I was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 14 and at 16 had surgery was carried out (28 yrs ago). Keep positive! x


Hi Mystique,

I've had a denervation on the lumber region of my spine, I found it less painful than the injections so please don't worry, it's very similar to the injections so if you are ok with them you will be fine. I'm very lucky that my pain consultant is very nice. Saying that I am waiting for injections into my facet joints in my pelvis and am very worried about it, has anybody had this? How do they do it? I've been having nightmares about this, legs in the stirrup type nightmares, I know I've had 4 children but this is something completely different and i'm petrified lol


Thankyou I have had the facet joint injections around s1 n s5 in back, i think they are the same type of injection, try not to worry too much im sure it will be ok. I just hope if i have to have denovation on mine that it will work!!

Lots of fluffy hugs to all xx keep me posted n hope all goes well. XXXX


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