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Painful day n feeling low and a bit teary!

Hi everyone, hope your all having a good day, ive just done 2 nightshifts as a carer for the elderly and today i feel like ive been kicked in my hip- its really painful today and my cocktail of meds arent helping, ive had it x-ray'd n its normal (how typical of fibro is that hey). Thinking its a flare up after work but its happening too often, not sure how long my job can last at this rate but then your colleagues think you look fine. Feel pretty low today(sorry) and just dont know how to prevent or ease the pain, my neck feels like my heads too heavy to hold up x

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hi hun, i know how you feel my hip,s have not been right since a fell 2 weeks ago like you i worked but now can't as sick record is to bad no one will take me on was going to start a collage course but with this broken wrist can't do the course i wanted to do but if you have a hot water bottle use that to ease the pain in your neck check your meds to sometime i can take a few more than doctors say i find it helps if its a flare up hope you start to feel better soon xx


Hi, I know exactly how you feel. About 5 years ago had hip xray as pain was unbearable, nothing to see!! Had bad neck for 20+ years. I think that because we tense up when in pain, it effects other parts of our bodies. Try some relaxation techniques hun, I know it's difficult but it will help you.

Be kind to yourself

Ruth xoxo


Hello Keeleysnana, so sorry to hear you're having such a difficult time of it at the moment. I am sure so many of us can relate to how you feel, XRays not showing anything up. I remember this well. I thought I was going round the bend as nothing was showing up and yet I felt so terribly ill all the time with no energy, endless pain etc., also work worries and how would I cope etc.

I've worked in an EMI Nursing and Retirement Home, I know how hard this is with 12hr+ shifts. The strain is incredible both on your body and energy levels even at the best of times, so with Fibro etc., it feels too much doesn't it. I eventually had to give up the job I loved so much because I physically couldn't do it any more, that was just over three years ago now.

Please see if you can visit your GP to review your meds, you need more help to manage your pain. Tell your Doctor that you are struggling at work and that you are worried about everything. Hopefully they will be able to help you. Perhaps you need an antidepressant to keep your spirits up a bit, you're under too much pressure.

Please know that we are here for you and we care about you and let us know how you get on and if we can help in any way. Take care, bless you.


Thankyou for your kind reply liberty, when i finally got a diagnosis after going round in circles i thought- at last, now things can improve but fibro is such a crazy condition dont you think, one day your in agony with one part of your body n the next day it can be somewhere totally different, plus i think people struggle to compehend what we are going through because outwardly we look 'normal'. Im on 50mg amitriptyline plus other meds, think i might pay my dr a visit though as you suggested, recently changed drs after my old dr said i dont know what else to do with you! Thanx for being there at times when it feels like no-one understands me, bless you and all the members on here xxx


You have my full sympathy! My colleagues couldn't understand why I felt so ill and looked so normal, make-up done, hair smart etc. They had no idea!

I found that after I had managed a 12hr shift and had the day off afterwards, most of this would be spent in bed before another 12hr shift! That was how it went on for months on end until hubby dragged me to the Doctors.

I hope you get on well at the Doctors, it is the right thing to do. We tend to forget about reviews, but our condition does change and consequently sometimes our meds need to too. Doctors on the whole tend to be confused by us, it can be very frustrating can't it.

I do understand how you feel as I've been there. Please feel free to pm me if you need to at any time. Happy to help where I can. Take care and please let us/me know how you get on. Bless you too x


Hello, no need to apologise for feeling low. I think that is all part and parcel of suffering from this horrid illness that we all seem to share. I admire you greatly for managing to work in spite of your pain and I'm sure that the elderly folks that you have helped appreciated your struggle. I do hope that you find some relief from your pain soon and wish you a better day tomorrow. Jane x


Thankyou jane for your reply, it means a lot. I love my job and have done it for many years but my body really is struggling with the demands of the job now, my body takes days to recover from a shift now. Think i do need to re-visit my gp about my pain relief on days like this. Off to bed now- see what 2morrow brings xx


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