Does anyone know if a 16yr old girl may have fibromyalgia?

Hi all, just wondering as my daughter suffered from dermatomyositis - currently in remission. She gets muscle weakness n she seems to have similar symptoms n trigger points with pain! Does anyone know of anyone this young suffering with fibro was thinking of getting her to see the doctor or someone xx hope you are all ok. gentle hugs - mystique xxxxx

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  • Fibro can attack at any age, my suggestion would be to ask the doctor to refer her for a neurology and hugs.....fingers crossed it is something else x

  • Hi hun sorry but people any age can have fibro ive got my fingers crossed that she doesnt have it X Gentle hugs 2 u & ur daughter x

  • Unfortunately Mystique it can hit at any age.One thing can I ask,doe`s she sit in the sun at all as with dermatomyosotis I would take it that that is something that involves the skin.

    Very low vitamin D levels can cause muscle weaknes and mimic fibromyalgia,as it has a lot of the same symptoms.

    It`s worth asking your G.P to do a blood test for it.

    Keeping everything that I can crossed comfortably for her that it is not fibro.

    Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxxx

  • As the others have said Fibro can affect any age.

    However, trigger points (painful spots that trigger/refer pain and other symptoms elsewhere in the body) are to do with myofascial pain. Not Fibro itself. Myofascial pain is a common complication with Fibro but it is also a condition in its own right that many people without Fibro have. Myofascial pain of some sort is incredibly common, accounting for many cases of RSI, supposed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, restrictions around scars, slow recovery from trauma, etc.

  • any age can get it sadly i really hope that she hasnt got it though your best to ask your doc soft gentle hugs xxx

  • mine was triggered at 21 years old and my doctor had never had a patient that young but it can be triggered at any age. i really hope your doctor finds it isnt fibro xx

  • I know someone who was triggered at 17 ... so yes hun it is a possibility ... xx

  • Hi Mystique,

    The word dermatomyositis just leapt out at me! I was diagnosied with it age nine, I'm now 55. I've only ever met one other person with it & that was when I was 15.

    Most people think its a skin problem which it isn't. I had it explained to me back then as like rhuemetoid arthritis, but not related. It affected my joints muscles & ligaments, causing weakness, pain & stiffness. Sounds like Fibro too! I was put on very high dose steriods for years. These affected my growth both height & bones. I now have osteoporosis & osteoarthritis.

    My Fibro has only been confirmed by Drs. a couple of years ago, but I can't remember a time when I haven't been in pain somewhere in my body!

    Good luck to you & your daughter, I hope the Drs can do more nowdays.

    Gentle hugs to you both xxxx

  • Thankyou for all your comments very much appreciated n theshadow thankyou a lot of people assume its to do with the skin n butterfly no she doesnt go out in the sun too much - she was on methotrexate n predisolone steroids n pain killers, she is tested for D M as we call it n is still in remission (Thankfully) so think with all your comments will get her in drs again as its's not normal (for want of a word) for her to be like this - Thankyou all once again will let you know what they say lots of love n gentle hugs to all xxxx

  • Hi Mystique,

    I was just browsing for FibroAction notifications on my email and your question caught my eye. I'm 18 (nearly- I can't believe I'm guna be an adult ! lol) and got fibro when I was just 16. Like others have said fibro affects any age. I lived with symptoms for 6 months- one of the worst, and most terrifying times of my life- especially being so young. On top of the typical 16year olds stresses like GCSE exams and higher educations choices I had to contend with unexplained fatigue, pain, fog, and depression- all on my own.

    Theres help out there though. Once I got diagnosed I recieved treatment and support, and I improved a lot. Right now I'm doing A levels- I'm doing well and predicted good grades. But I'm a year behind because of what happened- never mind, I get on well with my new year group. I've learnt to manage my symptoms and I'm living a happy, normal life. Yesturday I applied for a provisional driving license and am looking forward to learning to drive. :)

    I just thought I'd share my story because I don't know anyone near my age who has fibro- I don't think its as very common age group.

    I've been struggling a little recently with a virus I think, so I haven't checked in here often, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    I hope your daughters okay.

    Gentle hugs, Fay xxx

  • yes it can. I started to suffer at 11 years old. I was told though that the younger you are the more likely it is to push fibro into remission..

  • just read some of the comments. I struggled through my a levels as when I got my diagnosis I stayed in hospital for a couple of weeks however I am now at the university of Birmingham studying for a chemistry degree, I achieved a first in my foundation year, first year and just recently second year. I have transferred onto the masters due to my high grades. extremely happy, but its taken a lot of work and giving up certain thinga

  • i know someone who's finally got a diagnosis after four years of fibro on her 16 year old son ,which makes him 12 when it all started

  • Thankyou all sooo much this has really helped will let you know how we got on xxxx

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