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Does anyone else get really scared about their fibro?Mine has got worse very quickly over the past 3 months.Will it continue to get worse? I can;t imagine coping like this for the rest of my life.At the moment it feels like I'm losing son told me today that I hadn't ordered food shopping for 9 days but I could have sworn I did it about 3 days ago.I try to have a conversation and absolute rubbish comes out of my mouth or I just can't remember the names of things.My pain is worse and cocodamol just doesn't touch it and my blood pressure is through the roof even though I'm on lots of meds and dr is trying to get it under control.I'm thinking it may be the pain.

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sorry your having a rough time just now but things will settle down once you have found the right medication you just need to try and stay positive i know its hard i have been where you are i ended up being in a chair for over a year but now i use my cruthces and stick to get about also a buggy my car and i still have my chair for when i really need it work with your doc n try diff meds until you find the right ones for you chin up hun you have a long road ahead but stay positive dont let fibro beat you ok if you need to talk some more just give me a shout k xxx


thanks x


Mine has been almost two year and during that time mine has got


But people say that it is not progressive, don't be scared its not life

Threatening it's just another way of life that you have to learn to live

With, things do change, you have have To as well

You have to take things more slowly and don't over do it, I still work 22 hours a week

I work one day on and one day off that is the only way I can do it on my day off

I can't do any thing just sit,

But I still enjoy life and you will as well some days are worse than others

Don't worry about it as it makes you worse, just try and accept it, it's

Taken me the last two years to do this fibro is such a strange thing to

Have as every one is a little different. It's like a kind of grief getting used

To fibro and realising that you are different and life is a bitch but as I said

It could be worse

If your pain is not under control then your blood pressure will be higher

you need to talk to your GP and if he can't prescribe you medication

That will control your pain then ask him to refer you to the pain nurse

In your hospital, some of the medication that is prescribed for fibro

Will help to bring down your BP as well he can't refuse to send you

As this is your right.

I have just read in science daily that's an American paper that deals with

Research that the have found the reason for fibro, and because of this

They believe that they are very close to making medication.

I can't explain to you as its very complicated and you nead to read it

Your self makes very interesting reading

Hope this helps a bit, we all know how hard it is to accept but don't be scared

People in here will help you.


Thanks x


Hi Amanda. Don't be scared. You will find you have good times and bad times. During those bad times you will begin to wonder if things will ever get better. I have had a spell of feeling brilliant and now over the last two weeks or so I have felt like nothing on earth. Pain killers don't touch it, fibro fog is about as thick as it can be and the memory has gone south.

Check out the website as there is lots of great information that will hopefully help you.

Hugs to all xxxx


Hello Amanda, I do feel for you. We have all felt like this I am sure, I know I have. On bad days it worries me about the future and on good days I am convinced I am better. It is a bit of a bumpy road living with Fibromyalgia, but there is no guarantee it will get worse, it could even get better, your pain might decrease and your fatigue lessen etc. Each case is individual.

I am a great believer in living one day at a time, counting my blessings and trying not to worry too far ahead. The things we worry about in life don't tend to be half as bad as we think, and worries tend to crop up anyway that we haven't thought about.

Read the info that Pinkpig has posted the link for on our main site, there is a wealth of info there that covers most aspects of having Fibromyalgia.

If you pain is worse now and you feel you aren't managing your Fibro well, speak to your GP. It may be time to review your meds and how you are coping. Sometimes changing our meds can make all the difference and help us manage better. There is help out there.

Short term memory loss is common with Fibromyalgia, you aren't alone having this. Please be assured you aren't alone, we are here for you at any time. Any concerns or worries you have we are more than happy to offer advice and to support you where we can. Please see your GP and report back to us. Take care. Here's a hug for you. :)


Thanks everyone.My GP is good but because I am having such problems with my BP she has been dealing with this and my depression.she did double my antidepressants which she said should help with the pain but I'm not sure if they have kicked in yet.I have to go back to drs on Wednesday so I will ask her if there are any stronger painkillers I can have.I was only diagnosed last month although I have been going down hill for about 2 years.I know it's early days but I'm having trouble pacing myself and I'm a worrier which doesn't help! my GP said we don't have a pain clinic.


Pacing yourself is definitely the key to managing Fibromyalgia. Do you have a CFS Clinic near you? If you can ask your GP to refer you for pacing, this might help you no end. I learnt how to pace, it took a while to get used to it, but now it comes naturally and it's such a great help. I have more energy, am able to accomplish more and I generally feel better too.

It's not just pain clinic's that discuss pacing. Ask your GP and see if there is anywhere near you that could help you learn to pace.

Wishing you all the best. :)


Thanks,that's a good idea I'll ask the dr about pacing on Wednesday when I go x


Bless you Amanda! Please let us know how you get on, best of luck for Wednesday! :)


i will thanks x


Sorry to hear you feel so unwell Amanda. I do hope the doctor helps you find something that helps you feel better. The 'Brain Fog' as many ppl on here seem to call it seems to be a major part of the condition and is really hard to explain to others who haven't experienced anything like it. I find myself loosing hours with no idea where they went. Co codamol can help with the pain but ironically actually makes the fatigue and brain fog worse so it ends up being a weights an balances thing really.

Anyway, hope you feel better soon :))


Thanks x


Hi new to this site so bare with me I have not been diagnose yet but getting pain and sensitive to touch hip dull aches every where IBS symtoms knees are sensitive some times feel ok some times not


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