Home economics 2

Hello everyone.

Hope there is some sleep on its way for all of you.

To keep you up to date on my son's cookery lessons at school.

It was the turn of scones today, lemon and chocolate ones (I thought it was going to be apple and cinnamon) He was given 8/10 for them by his teacher. There is only one left and he's saving it for his little sister! He's so nice at times. Love them to bits, the kids that is, scones weren't bad either!

Take care

Is x

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  • aww! what a great big brother!

  • Lemon scones that is a new one on me. You will have to do christmas cake with him he would love all the stirring and wishing

  • Hi Gins. He put some lemon juice as well as the rind into them which made it very lemony, think just the rind would have been better. The chocolate in them was quite nice too.

    I'm just about to put some fruit in the cider for some Christmas cakes, you read my mind. (Which is extremely clever because I can't!)

    Is x

  • Hi Sandra,they sound yummy! My son brought home some shortbread he made which was crushed up a bit from being in his bag.He didn't think much of it but it tasted lovely and buttery,so there's more for me,hehe :)

  • Hi Haribo

    It's good to get something that the kids don't like! I'll be getting my Mum's old shortie moulds out soon to make some.

    Is x

  • I wish that I could home bake cakes and biscuits etc...the only ones I can do are the supermarket box mixes :(

  • Hi my lovely they sound really nice I just live citrus cakes etc. you'll have to give me well Martin the recipe. I've been awaiting these for two weeks. I'm so pleased they were great. What a clever boy 8/10 wow!!

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