trolls & unwanted pm's

sadly, there are trolls accesing many of the healthunlocked sites

with the intention of causing as much upset, conflict and distress as possible.

if you receive a pm from one of these trolls please do not reply, don't hesitate to copy and paste it to a pm to mdaisy, gins or myself.

do not let these "people" upset you or spoil this exceptional forum for you.


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  • Thanks for the warning. I never understand why these people do such mean things to others.



  • Can you please explain to me what this is as I've never heard of it,thanks x

  • it is people who want to cause the problems and trouble I mentioned above. they don't always have a health problem, they just want to get a sick pleasure from it.

  • Oh dear! Why on earth would peeps want to do that? :(

  • Haribo36,

    If you google Internet Trolls it will give you a definition, if that helps


  • Thank you,I have just googled it and read the explanation.Its the first time I have heard of this and iam shocked that peeps would do this,especially to peeps who are ill :(

  • I agree Haribo I certainly don't have the strength, todays been a difficult one :(

  • So sorry to hear that zeb.Do Hope the petting fluffies are helping though!They love to be stroked :D

  • thanks hunny :)

  • Thank you :)

    That might answer a few questions for me! :o

    xxxzebxxx fluffies on route xx

  • Dont forget guys - we are here if you need us Gins Sandra and Mdaisy

  • thank you gins xxx

  • i hate trolls but love engaging them with my own brand of trolling troll replies. i usually never get a reply, bullys with problems.

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