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I spot the red light on the dash board through the fog.

How will I get to town without breaking down in a cloud of smoke.

Swinging left I head for man with a superman outfit, scowl and a coffee cup.

Who hauls himself up. Releases the handbrake with a tut and retreats.

But that someone would release my handbrake, I seem to get slower and slower both mentally and physically. But perhaps if they did I indeed would fall into that bloody great pit.

Still back at work now and hugely cheered by the children's enthusiasm with a lady bird copy of "Three Billy Goats".

The illustrations are quite wonderful. Every one was given a picture at the end of circle time to look at and they all to a man turned to their mates to compared them. The enthusiastic chatter was deafening. 'twas lovely to see. We had lost all the cards by the end of the session. Zheng had collected them and was carting them around in his pushchair.

I could have done a particularly good impression of the Troll at tidy time. But I kept it safely caged under its bridge and it is silent when everyone is doing every thing but tidy. Why would you pack the bricks away when you have remembered that Trolls live under bridges. And someone left the bricks out specially so you could build one.

Thank gawd I only work until lunch time.

I drive off navigating my way back though the fog.

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I used to love telling that story. Little ones love to experience feeling scared in the safety of a story group.

as we get older we can watch tv & films and feel it again & enjoy the thrill.

as fibromites life can get scary - no thrill, no buzz, just scary. :(

thankfully the people here help allay the fear just by being there.

(boy! that seems a bit deep & philosophical!)


Hi Sandra

I like a bit of philosophical. I try not to look to the future. Because just the thought of more of the same gruelling day in day out would have me reaching for the escape button,

Just to dip into others lives who walk in a similar pair of stilettos is reassuring. Even if we wobble sometimes.


Hi there

Many thanks for that. It was really good and it has brought back many memories, as I haven't thought of the 'Three Billy Goats' in a long, long time. Great childhood memories.

Take care



You should track down some of those books. The art work really does take you back.

My happiest childhood memory was throwing stones at dustbins. Now I can hardly raise my arm above me head.


I still aim for painfree ever after ;) but I take heart and keep hope alive from knowing I've had, & some other people have had, long periods of remission.

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I am right there with you San & I am looking forward to a patch like I had about 2 and a half years ago where my quality of life was not the same as healthy people but better than it is at the moment. Remaining positive and determined that I have been there once, so it can happen again. I hope others can also find help maybe from the FibroAction information to make informed decisions about their healthcare with the aim to achieve these periods of being fairly symptom free too. :)

Wishing you all Fibro Free wishes :)


It took me a moment to realize what it was about I have modern Trolls so firmly inplace so it was good to think of the original ones.




When I was thinking of a header I was aware it may be misleading. But I was so knackered I couldn't think of anything more original.

I wonder who coined the use of the modern meaning for Troll. Very apt I think.


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