Doctors appiontment . Left feeling a bit fed up ,he recond s if my stress and anxiety s when away so would my pain would reduce

My stress and anxiety I have had since my eldest son started school and he was diagnosed with learning difficulties he is now 27 and I am still haveing probs with him ,ten years ago I got depression and still suffering on and off with that ,but stress and anxiety I can't see a way out I am 45 and starting feel realy old I have been haveing trouble with my memory the doctor said it could be my meds or stress and anxiety and it's a choice reduces med and have increcd pain or stay as I am he said there is not much he can't do. Cherokee

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  • Hi,

    when we reduce the levels of stress and anxiety we can actually manage the pain better as it affects how we think about and cope with the pain. Has your GP not referred you to something like Health in Mind or to the Pain Clinic where you would get the support and help you need to cope better? Worth asking for a referral.



  • I agree jillylin pain management looks at everything holistically, helped me no end, marvellous decision :)


  • Listen to your doctor Cherokee :o

    If its your meds causing the problems how will he know unless you come off them?

    Plus there will possibly be an alternative that he could give in place of it that's better.

    The choice is yours but please, also listen to your body not your head it will help you to feel and understand what it/you need :)

    Its a viscous cycle its taken me 20 yrs to understand things and now there's even more :( anxiety management may be a good idea for you or have you already been down that route? I did it!

    Please refer to my 'aid for relaxation' posts you'll have to backtrack one of them is specifically breathing exercises.

    Also, jillylin makes a good point about MIND and the pain clinc too

    Letting off steam! what do you do to let off steam? I clean incessantly if I'm hyper-stressed then I end up in more pain. You'd think I'd have learnt by now but its a case of old habits with me LOLOL or ask the hubby to take me out somewhere or I chat to my counsellor there's a variety of avenues to look into hunny :)

    Sending you calming lavender fluffies to help reduce your stress and your pain :) remember you can vent here whenever you like there will always be someone listening


    Remember though I'm speaking from personal experience and not as a professional

  • Hi,

    I am currently working with the Clinical psychologist to help me learn these very things. I used to be a dancer and am used to push, push, push, through the pain barriers but added stress makes me continue to push myself. I have only had two appointments, one to one, with a wonderful lady and it's already helping. I really think it is worth trying.

    Where can I find those post please?



  • I'll try and backtrack and see if I can still edit the tags and put them into the medications / treatments categories............ I'll get back in touch xxx

  • there you go hun its actually symptoms / treatments It the closest related category title I could put them into xxx remember I'm not a professional tho the relaxation exercise came from pain management course.

    hope it helps xxxx calming fluffies on route to you - in posts not questions! I just looked to check they were there and said to myself where are they and then realised :o

  • Thank you :-)

  • Thank you for your help, but the doctor said it's the stress and anxiety and depression that he think is causing my pain . And to reduces the anxiety and stress if possible not the meds they help a little bit the gabapentin has help a lot with the morning Pain I could hardly walk my feet and every thing hurt . Now it's not so bad but still there worst some days than others I find this site very help full will post more later going out for a quiet evening to try and relax with hubby xox thank you sorry for the confusion Cherokee x

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