Constant flares !

Morning to everyone , since last sept when I was diagnosed I have become worse , in everyway , its effected my bladder , eyes , and iam haveing many flares and they knock me off my feet ,.

iam having trouble with my legs and seen the doctor last week , she said its probably rls but I have to have full bloods done again on friday to make sure nothing else is going on .it just never seems to end .

And christmas well , I shoild be looking forward to it , just sometimes feel over whelmed with it all , big hugs to everyone today ! Angie xxxx

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  • Hi sweetie completely understand I too am having the same I had an MRI scan to rule out any other illness as if what I have isn't bad enough :( luckily I don't have MS but my Fibromyalgia and Cervical Spondylosis has got worse :( I am lying in bed at the moment typing this up :( I am having a flare up I just feel really wiped out. I have restless leg syndrome and DISH! I hurt in places I didn't before and if I ever venture out I need a crutch to help with my balance because I have weakness in my legs and also I have the right main artery in my neck pressing against the vertebraes and my vision is not good at times as I have a blurred disc at the back of my eyes so need to be careful on the headache side which I get a lot of and I have had no money since June when my ESA ran out! see there I go on my little soap box sorry hon its just one of those days. I need to go and look at my grateful jar that will perk me up :) I hope you feel better very soon sending gentle fluffy hugs xx :) xx

  • sending you hugs to butterfly xx hope your flare eases to for you soon aswell .

    it doesn't help matters when they mess around with your money , do you have to wait long for the esa to sort it for you ?

  • Good morning Angie,sorry to hear that you are suffering so much.If it is RLS then yikes who is a member on here has that,so maybe you could try messaging her to ask about it.It really does get you down when there are a lot of areas that are all in flare at the same time doesn't it :( I really can emphathise as Iam still like it myself with everything in flare.My depression is bad and I find it hard to fight it.Funny enough I was thinking of Xmas this morning as I normally look forward to it but in a way Iam dreading all the shopping as getting out is so hard,will probanly try to get some of it online I think.I was wondering why I hadn't heard from you :( Which antidepressant are you taking? I have now been re-referred to mental health so have got to wait to see them till I can change antidepressant.Just want you to know that Iam thinking of you and will be sending lots of fluffy healing cuddles your way xxx

  • hi hunni xx ive not been on for a little while as these flares are getting me down , but needed to vent today x

    I wished we lived nearer hun so I could help you to , I know this can deflate you , I tried citalopram but I had bad side effects so ive upped my nortriptyline , its helped me to sleep a little better .

    iam still taking lycria aswell . I will ask my pain doc if I can see a councellor , and maybe try acupuncture , or morphine patches , ill try anything , as you can see lol.

    hun do your shopping online I did last year and it really helps x just going to get my heat pads and cover up , you take care to and big hugs for you and your son xxxxxxx

  • Iam going to try the CBT counselling through my g.p again and starting a stress and mood management course this week.I was thinking of try acupuncture myself but privately.I tried Bowen therapy but it no longer works.Thank you for the hugs xxx

  • Hi,

    those flare-ups are the absolute pits. I have RLS and take ropinerol for it, it really helps me. I am also currently working with the clinical psychologist from the pain management clinic and that seems to also be helping. I was very surprised to find out, when I had my eyes tested, that Fibro can affect our vision. We seem to find all kind of issues coming out of the wood work :-(



  • Hi jillylin my optician told me fibro makes your eyes very dry,i use lubricating eye spray about four times a day,i also wear glasses for tv and reading.

  • Mine didn't mention the eye spray. What do you use.?

  • that uncomfortable eye spray at chemist beginning with A.

  • Thanks. I shall go see if I can find it.


  • I am going to give it a try as I seem to constantly be rubbing my eyes.


  • hi jilly x I will be discussing seeing someone from the psychologist side of things on Friday at the pain clinic , sometimes I find things to hard , but then somehow find the strength again to carry on , looking at my family gives me the strength too .

    I hope he gives me something for my legs as they never stop , 24-7 they drive me mad.

    I didn't have to wear glasses , but last year I went to have my eyes checked and I now wear glasses all the time ty fibro !!

    big hugs to you jilly xxxtc x angie

  • Hithere broadband, unfortunately this fibro affect nearly every part of our body, in fact for the life of me I can't think of a part it doesn't affect and it's a bummer, it's affecting my bladder very badly and has done for some time now, and every now n then it effect my bowel as well as the ibs, and that can be embarrassing, ....I alo get restless legs syndrome hitch use to drive me bonkers, I now take magnesium+D and. The magnesium does help, I still get the restless legs now n then, but now where near as bad, it was recommended that I took thm by my doctor, I take them a couple of hours before I go to bed with black garlic tablets, ...she also recommended that I take Q10 for extra energy....hop this helps....sending you gentle hugs....Dee xx

  • I hope you get the help and support you need and are as lucky as I have been.



  • Ty dee xx

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