SHOW OFF - There's always one isn't there

SHOW OFF - There's always one isn't there

Can you imagine one of us doing that right now?

I'm hurting just looking at it...........even though it is rather cute :D

Well one thing for sure is that if it had fibro it would complaining about overdoing it the next day ;)

When was the last time you overdid it?

What were you doing? and how did you manage and cope afterwards.

I do it all the time when I'm mucking my hamsters out, it kills my back and knees but its one of those jobs that.... well...... when it done its done! so I push to finish when I should have taken a break. ;) :o ;)

After that I get back to pacing out the tasks more evenly..........til the next time the hamster tank needs cleaning again! oops!

Oh and usually have a nice hot soak and up to my neck in bubbles if possible :D


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  • I would definitely not be able to do that right now or even on a good day hehe :D I overdo things all the time on a so called normal day of doing "normal things " that we all take for granted except it's not like that anymore for us fibro folk as the normal becomes bloody hard.Like Yesturday,normal things mums do all the time like getting kids to and from school,washing clothes,going to the shops,preparing dinner,washing up etc etc..I normally have a carer helping me but she was off sick Yesturday and I was 2 days post op so really needed to take it easy but did the exact opposite! But had no choice really.Made me really grateful for the fact that I have careers to help me and that I don't have to struggle every day as I used to :)

  • Aw! bless you, I don't have children only pets and a hubby so can't imagine what all that must have been like.....apart from exhausting and painful :) (I know you didn't sneeze heheheh!)

    I really do hope you get that rest today xxxx

    healing fluffies Haribo xxx

  • Many thanks zeb for the healing fluffies,I do hope they behave though after all that choccy and marshmallow Yesturday! :D

  • Was it you I saw slurping under the choccy fountain at 2am this morning with a rather handsome man looking on somewhat befuddled ? :D

    Morning haribo :-)

  • Morning foggy! Yep,that was me with dishy drummer in tow looking a bit perplexed as to why I was hanging over the table with mascara all smudged over my face looking a tad worse for wear :O trying to slurp up the remains of a rather messy choccy fountain with bits of marshmallows and curly wurlys :D I must say that I feel extremely sick now from all the cocktails and that choccy :P

  • Ha hahahaha seems like someone's got the feet of the rather large shire horse in my pic of the day and is aiming them in my direction ;-) :D

    Right, fess up Foggy,...... Yesterday when I had cancelled a hospital appt and another appt because I was feeling so grotty with this buggy thing I've got and fibro joining the party, what did I do ? Well one of my doglets Mr Benjamin had been a tad snicky at some point on my bedroom carpet. Fine thought I, no problem, cleared it up and oh, dear, there was a stain still. Well as I live in rented accomodation, I have to keep things up together and decided that with what little energy I had, which wasn't much, to clean the carpet with my beautiful high end upright carpet cleaner. So off I went, did the offending patch, lovely, but then the rest of the room looked distinctly in need, so I thought what the heck (not "what the heck are you thinking of you fool") and got on and did it, well, I asked for it and I got it. I ended up with a lovely clean floor and a prostrate Foggy with doglets with questions marks over their heads wondering why mother was in a heap on said floor. I just about managed to drag myself to bed where fibro decided to party big time ............ Yay !!

    And the moral of this tale......... Firstly, do what you tell other people to do and pace yourself, especially if you are under par anyway. Secondly, when your body says stop, listen to it and don't think you can beat it, just one more time.

    Lastly, and by no means least, don't, whatever you do, tell zeb what you've done, so that she comes and makes a show of you on here :-) :D :-) :D

    Fearlessly fighting Foggy x ;-)

  • Ouch! boingggggggggg..........splat...........boingggggggggg!

    I didn't see that one coming :D

    Ok Foggy I wasn't actually referring to you directly but now you come to mention it

    ...................... ;) :o :p ;)

    crikey we did a whole world cruise in one that's overdoing it! heheheh!


  • Aww foggy,glad iam not the only one that did too much Yesturday.Do take it easy,at least you have a gleaming carpet to show for it but I bet it wasn't worth all the pain it bought upon you though :( maybe zeb can send you some soothing fluffies,preferably the ones that didn't have choccy and marshmallows Yesturday or else they might misbehave :D

  • that's very good point haribo :)

    freshly new outta training school soothing fluffies for you both xx

  • That's very much appreciated zeb as the ones you sent earlier I had to send off packing as they were causing havoc in my kitchen! Too much sugar for the fluffies is no good for them at all :O :P :D

  • Yes she has already sent me loads of fluffies and they are sooooo cosy, she's far to kind and I do her injustice , she's a fab friend, but friends love to banter and that's what we do :D :D I weeded any fluffies that vaguely looked chocolatey as I know what they can get up to, and I am resting on the bed with the doglets as we speak......being a good girl !! :D :D

  • good to hear that you are resting hunny :) xxx

  • And you were still on site after 11! Silly Foggy. Hope doglets looked after you and you're feeling better. Maybe get them collars like the ones in the Disney film "Up", then they can tell you to stop and not just look at you.

  • Morning, goodness me if I did that I would end up being carted off to A&E lol. Seems like you need to take it easy today. Hope you feel a bit better soon.

    Gentle hugs

    Tannels x

  • Morning Tannels, I hope we find you not too bad ? Yes, in hindsight (which is a very fine thing) it was a bad call, and I think I know it would be, but...oh well, I did it and I'm paying the price. Luckily the doglets don't know how to dial 999 otherwise A&E may well have been where I landed up but I have a loathing saved only for A&E so am rather relieved on that score.

    I am resting up now you will be both astonished and pleased to hear, I hope.... Hehehe :-)

    Foggy x

  • That's good to hear, let us know how you are. Take care.

    Tannels x

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