Thought id share a funny with you!! Ladies only really!!

Well here we go - this afternoon i went to have a smear done. I told her i still have my coil fitted.

She was doing the neccessary - when i thought her say 'its ok - i can see your throat'

well - i wasnt in the position to jump up in horror - so the words 'jesus christ - what did you say??' sort of slipped out ...

She said - 'its ok i can see your threads'

guess you had to be there!!


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  • hahaha that really made me laugh :-D brilliant :)

  • oh westgate, that made me lol, bless ya x

  • lol youbarec soooo funny how good is that and if you dont mind glad i wasn t there lol but that is a classic that made me laugh love ya diddle x

  • lol.....I remember having treatment for abnormal cells and the doctor put a miners lamp on his head.....I didnt stop laughing for about 20mins - he couldn't do the procedure and didnt see the funny side. As they were using a laser I also asked if he could do my eyes as the same time??!!! nurses were hysterical but he didnt see the funny side of that either..

  • Thats funny, did you tell her what you thought she'd said...

  • You would think that in his job, he would have a sense of humour. Hello everyone by the way, I'm a newbie here.

  • Yes i told the nurse i thought she said she could see my throat! there was a lady oberserver there too! it was a right old party - raucous laughter....xx

  • at least she didn't say she could see what you had for breakfast!

  • best we dont go there!! dont think ill look her in the face again!


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