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Mobility scooters grrrrrrrrrrrrr !

morning all :-D

how is everyone today ?

im still rubbish :( ,went out on friday night which was nice ,was my best freinds birthday

i stayed the night at hers as she lives a long way from me ,driving home was absolute agony!

i could barly walk when i got out of the car ,

so nearly the whole day laying in bed on the sofa bed my mum bought me ,god its worth its weight in gold ,as before i would have to go up stairs and be away from my family .

today im still in agony but there is lots of jobs that need doing ,grrrrr i just cant be bothered

also i finally decided to actually think of hiring a mobility scooter ,so went on line ,

omg ! its mind blowing ! soooooo many sites ,i have no idea which site is for real and which one is dodgy !

they range from £319 to £ 1500 ,and what got on y t**s was the sites always had an older person on it shall we say .

well im only 35 and just the thought of giving in and getting a mobility scooter is sooooo

upsetting ,especially when your family say if i get one they wont come out with me cause its

embarressing !

well i then looked at trying to rent one ,well there is websites but with no prices !

whats the point of that !

they want you to phone so they can harass you thats what it is !

well i hope the weather is better soon ,i exspected it to be wall to wall sunshine today

i should know better than to trust the weather man !

love and hugs lynz xxxxx

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yes i can iagine :( its bad enough useing walking aids like a stick or crutches ,im going on holiday soon and i imagine thats its not going to be very enjoyable cause i cant walk any where ,if i do i will be in bed trying to recover and then i will spoil everyones holiday :(

my daughters and husband have made it clear that they dont really want me to get one ,and plus i cant afford one at the mo hence looking to see how much they are to hire ,

and im not thick skinned at all ,infact its almost transparent lol

hugs madhelen from lynz :) xx


ive not seen one of them sound good though :) x


thanks :) xx


Why should your family not want you to be comfortable and able to travel? How odd. My family are all for me getting one-- except that I would be dangerous as I can't see well enough! (There would be a ROFL smiley, but I can't find the smiley box!)


i know it makes them sound mean lol its not the case i think they are all in denial and struggling with the thought of it ,my eldest daughter and husband have come round to the idea since i wrote this blog as i had ago at them lol

now all i have to do is get round to the idea lol


yes iam going on holiday in england just to the local coast as i cant travel far as im in agony if i have to sit in the car for too long ,i think i might have to think seriously about hireing one ,just taking that first leep lol x


best place to hire hun is THP (the hand partnership) you can long term hire, £60 month which i used to do before bought one! they also short term hire, which i think (dont quote me) is £75 week.

they are in wroxham.

will give you race when you get one hun lol xxxx


thanks hun ,i shall give it a look ,cor that exspensive for a week bloomin hell lol


mobility scooters are great for going a short distance depending on battery size usally last around 10mile good idea to get waterproof clothing also i'm getting rid of my mobility taking up driving fed up getting wet and want more freedom from having a car i'd give you my one if it was my own but i rent through motability £76 a month


awww bless thanks for the thought :) yes i can imagine you get soaked if its pooring it down xx


OMG! £500 ! i cant beleive thats how much they are oh my goodness i think i nearly passed out after reading it lol xx


aw bless you , you sound really fed up but dont worry about what the family says it is becaus it is alien to them believe me they would rather have their mum go out with them in a scooter than stay home alone and i bet if anyone said anything they would be the first to jump down their throats so if you feel you need ne well then look into it i am trying to do it all lol but prob not doing myself any favours at all but there you go you take care love diddle x


Shopmobility are registered charity and it might be worth investigating your local shopping centre - they will rent out scooter for just a few pounds for the day


My husband is on at me to get one. I tend not to go out these days. He loves his classic car and takes it to shows. I used to go with him, but got bored of just sitting in the car all day. All the other wives would walk round or find some shops to look in. I couldnt do that so felt left out and stopped going. Hubby says I should get a scooter and get out with him. Also we are going to Butlins in October and the chalets are always miles from the complex. way too far for me to walk, would be great to have one there. HMm wonder if Butlins hire them out?


i did go on a website and thery deliver them to some holiday sites ,i will try and find it for you ,if i can lol x


have a look on e-bay x


Lynz my son wont even go to the shop with me when i walk so i wouldnt worry on that side. Know how you feel though im 45 and feel like im too young for one. :(

I considered a moped/scooter but I never passed my driving test so think i have to take a cbt first which i cant afford.

So its housebound or trains for me. :(

hugs xx


thats what will happen to me soon i think ,housbound i meen ,the only thing i will do is do the school run ,or go to my mums ,oh wait thats all i do now lol

all i can say is thank god i learnt to drive before fibro got bad as its agony to drive now ,god knows what it would have been like to do lessons xx


Butlins do rent them out for £70 a week.

I bought my scooter from e-bay. I'm 55 and was like a kid on a new trike - although I didn't make brrum brrum noises. I went on it to a post box some 10 mins from my house - it has been about 15 years since I've been. I was exhausted after and fearful during, but it was exhilarating! I have used them in shops and shopping centres and through Shopmobility. go for it!

regards, sandra


p.s. betterlife and similar do them new. if you google mobility scooters, or search it on e-bay, links to new sites are there.



thanks sandra :) x


My scooter is a Pride GoGo traveller Elite 4 Plus (does over 13 miles per charge) that's portable & comes apart to go in my car boot. I got it for £535 delivered from (who will price match if you see something on another site). It was over £400 cheaper than a local mobility company wanted for the same scooter. There are cheaper new scooters available (around £300). I think the hiring works out dearer in the long run.

I started using Shopmobility scooters but you have to time it if you have one for a morning to work round the time their closed for lunch or if you have one in the afternoon time if for getting back for them shutting up. I was a bit self-conscious the first couple of times I used one but after that I haven't looked back (unless I'm reversing of course!). In the end it was easier if I had my own one.

My husband and 13 year old son are fine with me using the scooter as they knows how bad it is for me if I don't use it, my son even assembles it for me - here might be an ulterior motive on his part though cos it means I can take him to the shops & he's near to the bank of Mum! If your family don't want you to get one then they are the ones being selfish - they should be doing what's best for you & if that means getting a scooter so be it!


thank you so much for the info ,hugs xxx


i was 35 when fibro decided to visit me and like all unwanted guests it decided to stay... anyhow i gradually got a scooter AND IT WAS THE BEST DESCISION EVER!!!!i live in york and got mine from eden mobility,it wasn't brand new as they also do pre conditioned ones (got mine 2005) it was only three months old though,so still had it's year warranty on it,at the time it was £700, it is one that goes in the boot of a car,i am due for a new one as the tread is going on front wheels and a new battery is needed soon which in total will come to £300 or just under,so i thought may be better off with a new one,so like you been on websites, i found the best site was one called betterlife(which is part of lloyds pharmacy in the u.k) the boot one i like is £500 and you get a three month warranty and a years garauntee, so somewhen soon i will be going down that path i think,(i did look at so many other sites but this one was by far the best ,if you have any mobility shops near you(sorry don't know where you live!) always ask if they have any pre conditioned(2nd hand) scooters they usually have ,but if they are then still out of your price range check out the site i have mentioned (p.s don't take any notice of what people say!! do it for yourself!!) i went past caring what people think a long time ago


thank you :)


I'd get one for myself if I had the money! At least the local supermarkets have scooters as do some tourist attractions .... in some cases a charge (Twycross Zoo is £10 BUT a carer gets in free so it balances out) .... others are free eg RAF Cosford.

I'm off on holiday next week and am going to try and hire a collapsable one as I know from past holidays I'll enjoy myself more and also do more if I have a scooter.

Julie x


thank you :) xx


also if you have higher rate mobility dla you can use the money towards a scooter if you don't use it towards a car


nope got turned down for that not ill enough according to the lovely people at the dla

thanks though :) xx


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