Need to lose weight

I am around 2-3 stone overweight and have been going to slimming club. Managed 11lbs this year but it is hard going when you have a chronic illness.

However though I have motivation ! My younger son has got engaged to a lovely girl and they hope to get married next year and I don't want to be the fat mother of the bridegroom. Wish me luck.

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  • Good luck panda iam sure that you will get there.What slimming club is it? I normally go slimming world but have not been doin it since summer and have put 5 pounds on.Yes it is so hard when you have fibro and depression,I tend to reach for the choccy/sweet things as I have a sweet tooth and when feeling down reach for them :(

  • I go to Slimming World too but chicken out when I pig on the sweet stuff which is too easy.

  • Well done for losing 11lbs, it is extremely hard with everything else going on with our health. It is lovely that you have a wedding to look forward to and that helps with the motivation. Lots of luck to you and again well done.

    Tannels x

  • Thanks x

  • Morning and well done. I joined slimming world last september and managed to lose 1 stone 6 lbs. I stll need to lose at least another 3 stone!! I have fibro plus underactive thyroid, scatica and plantar facituis. I think, being unable to do much exercise and slow metabolism as well as the fibro doesn't help. My partner eats exactly the same as me and has lost 3 stone. Which is very frustrating .. but I am very proud of them. I think working has helped me stay of the naughty stuff to. Its when i get home i'm in danger !!hahaha.

    Good luck panda. Enjoy the wedding.

  • Hi kimbles. Do you work full time? I'm curious because I'm recently diagnosed and am working full time but am finding I need to be in bed by 9! Is that usual? X

  • sorry to have not replied sooner. thanks for replying to my email i am a little shy of starting conversation. o it made my day you replied to me. :0). i am a tenancy support worker for a charity in south london . I am 44 and some days my body feels alot older!! I get up at 5.15 in the morning so i can get the 6.30 train to work early as i find some people on rush hour trains very unkind at times. I work an hour free every day as i can not start work untill 8am and my company are not sympathetic or willing to except my fibromyalgia symptoms. Which is amazing as fribromyalgia comes underThe Equality Act and Diability Discrimination Act. I am trying get to union support to challenge this but i dont think they are in to much of a hurry either.gggrrh.

    I usually come home from work about 5 cook and then watch tv..or rather the tv watches me from 8-9pm.ha ha ha. Then i head for bed about 9.30 ish. Only to start again the next day. As you can imagine i love the weekends. It all gets a bit much at times and so i find strrength reading about the people on this website. As i find there is alway someone who will understands........sorry iv'e ranted on a bit. In answer to your question..for me it i the usual. How does your day go? What do you do? and what coping methods (if any) are you putting in place.xx

  • Hello, so glad to hear from you. You pack a lot into your day! Well done for keeping going. I hope you're gentle on yourself on the weekends. I'm a senco in a big school. I get up around 5.15 and then leave home around 7 to walk to work. Takes about half an hour. I work until around 4.30 then walk home. I'm lone parent to my 14 year old daughter so there's the usual food and homework routine. Then I'm done in by 9. I'm starting a pain management course in December and try to take just paracetamol until then. It will be really helpful to be taught to pace myself and say no when I need to. I will write more later. We do long days don't we? Xx

  • Thanks. You have done ever so well. My husband could do with losing a lot too but I am doing better than him! I am retired so my danger times are all day!!! I just try not to have choccie in the house but hubby buys them on special offer.

  • hello panda, i have to say this as not a good week for me weight wise. i have been celebrating my wedding anniversary all week. dreading the scales on saturday's weigh in. i brought a load of choclates ready for christmas on tuesday....i know very sad!! with in hour i was on the sofa muching a turkish delight...i am rubbish..hahahaha. i think the only way to go is not to have any in the house. i am way to lazy to go out once i am home to buy any from the local shop. What other things do you do to avoid munching. Some women at my SW group brush their teeth. It must be hard to be a home all day knowing you can cook or grab something from the cupboard. i bring food to work so i don't get tempted. but when i see my partner all my naughty habits return.

  • I put weight on due to OA of lower spine, FM and PM. Its hard as I don't eat a lot due to digestive problems but as I cant exercise the weight stays, its a vicious circle

  • Yes it is just like the down days when you comfort eat. Wish it were easier.

  • Have you tried the 5/2 health diet? for 2 days a week you eat only 500 calories the other 5 eat what you like. I have lost 18Lbs since January. Slow, 1Lb - 2lb a week is average and now even less that my weight has stabilised. Great breakfasts allowed e.g 2 poached eggs grilled tomatoes and mushrooms and 1/2 a large bag of spinach, then I have home made ratatouille in the evening.

  • Unfortunately I can't try this because I am on warfarin. There was a discussion about this on the Hughes Syndrome site and concluded it wasn't feasible for those of us on warfarin.

  • well done on the weight loss. sadly i was a good 5 and half stone so don't expect my goal to be that high!

    i thought i didn't eat much but if you are eating more calories than your body is burning, and for us thats a huge amount more. its hard to imagine how little food we actually need to burn.

    in the past i lost 4 stone over18 months using guides from RosemerryConolly diet book. that referred to very low fat dieting, back then i could cook, and shop,but i had to do it for wanting a hip replacement 20 years two early

    but then came long all these diet ready meals that if you compare to the same equivalent they aren't diet meals at all, all in all in the years since and Fibro getting worse i put on too much weight, the most i have ever weighed. i now need my other hip replaced so am desperate to lose some weight, or at least show them i can,

    they quite understand I'm not going to be able to do it exercise, thats not saying i shouldn't dry, but they said the only way is to stop eating!

    well we cant do that as consideration needs to e given to the amount of meds I'm taking. I struggle to cook and have to rely on my husband to shop as and she he can, so the only way to do it was to cut down drastically what i eat, i use weighed or portioned breakfast cereal or porridge, the minimal lunch of fruit and dinner which should ideally be eaten before 5/6pm works out to approx 2 tablespoons of whatever my husband is eating.

    in the past three weeks i have lost around half a stone!

    Drastic it may seen, but a hospital suggesting it and my GP has been advised, so it can't be a concern. the main thing is i have lost some weight. have i been hungry no! you just get used to it. this way, no actual diet to follow. you can eat what you like just in tiny amounts!

    have to admit i wouldn't want to be eating takeaways very often as on the whole they can't be very good for you

    good luck though to all those who are trying xx

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