Virtual Cruise, part three - Dining and Dancing on Board Boat

Virtual Cruise, part three - Dining and Dancing on Board Boat

Come on ladies, we are it would appear, all to be seated at the Captains table and are being waited on hand foot and finger, the Lobster Thermidor has just arrived and after dinner we go on too the dance floor, be it ballroom or boogieing on down (maybe no head banging :p ). ....... Go girlies and have a fab times

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  • Jilly grabs the Captain's mate and tango's onto the quarterdeck. There is then the sound of splashing and a cry of alarm when Jilly realises the other three quaters of the deck has mysteriously vanished. Foggy is seen creeping away trying to hide a large hand saw down her skirt.

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  • Foggy what is that in your dress? Did you like the lobster?

  • It certainly isn't anything like a, but the lobsters poking out of the top are just in case it feel a snackeral coming on later in the evening and making the most of my chances, while I have them....nod, nod, wink, wink.. ;-) :D ;-)

  • Phew! thought those darn evil cats had snuck on while we swimming with dolphins :o

    I'm placing armoured fluffies on guard and my magical moustache is at the ready :p

    Now where did I see George.......... quick before anyone else get's there..boing boing!

  • Hello everyone have managed to jump aboard for the dinner. Who should I sit next to?

  • well chellshock anywhere I think, it looks like the girls are all chasing tasty crew members LOLOL

    you could sit with George Clooney or the captain?

  • Would prefer rod steward to george....has a look round to see if i can spot him

  • he maybe over there near the piano :)

  • Good thinking... Wanders over to Rod and starts singing with him :)

  • hey! cool :D

  • I will be the entertainment :)

  • aw! but then you won't get to go dancing n stuff

  • I will dance while singing

  • we shall have to join you :)

  • Yay!!

  • oooh just spotted a lovely crew member and he has a vacant seat. Hope he like my purple and orage stripe onesie.....I bought special hight heels in green to go with it, plus a yellow hat....Gosh I look good......tropical delight indeed....wont be able to resist me.....that or throw up overboard lol....x

  • A onsie ball gown, now that's novel :D :D

  • Either that you'll be looking like a zebra crossed with a giraffe ;-)

  • The purser is taste I would sit next to him ;)

  • Me certainly....never knowingly undersold on lobbys :D :D

  • PS, will tell him of course that I am old enough to be his mother......and I am only available for talks and dancing and I am spoken for lol x

  • LOLOLOL xxx loving the outfit btw :)

  • No shellfish for me, but I would like to finish with the sherry trifle, the more sherry the better for dancing. Bags I'm first in line for a smooch with George Clooney. :)

  • whoa! bluebell..............boing! bang! hey coz just through a bread roll at us ............ ouch! boing......

    come on bluebell......... she'll get there first :o

  • Ugh oh, I fear there may be a prob with that bluebell, both zeb and coz are fighting for his attentions as we speak...... :o :o

  • On to the boeuf wellington....... lets just hope it's good otherwise I myself will give the chef the boot..... (Get it :D ) lots of bordelaise sauce and scrummy veg, but there's a spinach version for any vegetarians........ Am I thoughtful or what........ Probably or what !!!

    ;-) ;-)

  • Well girls, that was a bit rough, glad I put the elbows out and manoeuvred right in there. That's me done for the evening, nothing can top that, oooh....... is that Pierce Brosnan over there? Glad I remembered the roller boots, definitely gives me an advantage :)

  • you can have him bluebell :D tho there may be someone around to battle off heheh! xx

  • Is that desert own . No it's Clooney. I have a bit of that out of my way . Girls.

  • heheheh twitch twitch tweeky twitch zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzooooooom swoop!

    Hi George ;)

    I've been waiting all day for this......................

  • ..................mmmmmmmmmm dreamy :D

    you can have him now......... bioooiiiiong! .......oops! boinnnnng! swagger deep sigh as falls into pile on the floor :)

  • There's some sherry trifle I believe, along with crème brûlée, fruit salsa, and a choccy fountain, with loads of marshmallows (don't let haribo know but there are pieces of curly wurlys to dunk as well ) plus strawberries and all sort of other goodies :-) :-)

    I've just spotted Colin Firth coming in so I'm off to nab him before anyone else gets their claws on him. :D :D

  • Oh no marshmallows! :o ........................... foggy what do fluffies like more than anything to eat?

  • argh! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo chocolate marshmallow fluffie anyone?

  • I'm guessing................oh my word, the fluffies are all turning choccy coloured, I knew hot choccy was dangerous, but oh my word.......what have I done? .......oh woe is me for I am a fluffie fleecer....... ;-)

  • hahaha mmmmm oh dear! its the hot choc episode again isn't it? ;) xx

  • I am having such a lovely time, back to the table to finish off the strawberries. No more sherry trifle, I think I'm a bit tiddly. Oooooh.... are they curly wurlys that are sticking out of the Tiramasu? Diet begins tomorrow.

  • Don't let haribo get anywhere near the curly wurlys, though I thinks she may have gone to her cabin to recover after her earlier frolics. :D :D

  • coz too :o

  • Hey guys! chellshock is singing by the piano we should go dance and give her some support...... not karaoke style! I don't mean that kind of support.........nevermind :o

    Come on..over here :)

  • *singing* cant stop me now the world is waiting its my turn to stand out in the crowd

  • I don't know about karaoke, my singing is more kroakyoke. Ooh,,, group photo, bunch up,,,cheese...don't we look gorgeous!

  • hee hee!

    excellent :)

  • Oh what fun, but you will I am sure understand when I say I can't turn down Colin Firths' request for me to join him in his presidential suite for a night cap .... Nudge nudge.. ;-) ;-)

    So if I'm late showing up in the morning don't come to find me.....hehehehe... :D :D

    Have fun peeps, keep on partying, I will no doubt get the low down when/if I manage to tear myself away from my dish of the day..............

    Foggy the Fun lover x :-)

  • hahah! nighty night Foggy ;)



    I'm Trotting off with George :D .......... heheheh! score! :D

    You have all been utterly fantastic but I must bid you farewell and nighty night ;)

    I'm sure you'll have some interesting tales to tell over coffee in the morning....... ;) :p ;) :D


  • Walks into an empty room rubbing her eyes......where is everyone? Oh no,have I missed it all?? Then spots the remains of what was a choccy fountain and some small pieces of curly Wurly on the floor....runs over....oh my! Why didn't anyone come and get me? Starts wailing loudly,it was all those cocktails me think and of course the rather dishy drummer that kept me amused! :D

  • It no good you know,I'm bursting...need to go bathroom and you guys keep making me chuckle :) :p :) hhahahah

    btw morning haribo xxx

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