What's your strangest symptom (s)?

I've had problems for over 10yrs with no diagnosis of fibro but can't think what else it could be.

I'm sure we can come up with a list of typical symptoms easily but what are the strange ones you all get?

Mine (which come & go) are .......burning lips & tongue, circular head pain (like someone has welded 10p coins on it) & tender but not swollen neck lymphs

Be interesting to hear what fibro throws up for others and yet we manage to keep (on the whole) cheerful x

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  • Hello, for me it is probably the random stabbing pains I get, which happen right out of the blue! I can be sitting comfortably watching TV or reading and then suddenly I will get a sharp shooting pain (anywhere... arms, legs, torso) which only lasts a few seconds, but causes me to cry out in pain/shock... My husband looks at me like I am mad!!! It feels like someone is sticking pins randomly into one of those voodoo dolls :)

    I also suffer from tender lymph glands but usually the ones in my armpits.

  • Hi phlebo, I occasionally have them but I had put it down to too much exercise! I'm doing all I can to keep some fitness and thought it was like trapped nerves lol!

  • I think the lymph node thing is quite common 😢

  • Voodoo doll!!!! Exactly 👍🏼

  • I sometimes get nerve pain in my nose, which I find bizarre

  • Wow that's a strange one Frankiebeee!

  • I find the internal tremors weird. If I didn't know better I would think I was pregnant! :)

    Also the random stabbing pains. Must be a good market in those voodoo dolls - shouldn't have made so many enemies over the years!

    Also the random twitching particularly in the eye - can get quite embarrassing.

  • Internal tremors feel like a baby kicking in your tummy!

  • Random nerve pains firing esp in feet and legs. Kinda sets in for the evening with of course, nothing to see again. Can be night after night and then? Nothing for a while. Weird.

  • Hey,

    Normal symptoms include:

    - Pain in my pelvis and back, legs, arms, hands etc.

    - Headaches that can turn into migraines

    - Numbness in legs, hands and feet

    - Twitchness

    - Legs give way

    - Feeling really sick

    - Fibro fog

    - Hold and cold shivers

    Probably more haha but fibro fog is taking hold today!! xxx

  • my ltest weirdo feeling are whn im out side and talking to somone i feel breathless and dizzy like imgoing to faint i justkp talking and it passes but its quite frightning

  • Yes I think breathlessness is all too common too 😢

  • My weirdest symptoms are probably...

    1, the sensation that my face is swelling up, even though it's not.

    2, what I call the' fibro fizz ' where I suddenly 'shiver' in a wave like sensation even when I'm not cold. It can start anywhere but for an example it can begin in my foot then wave up my entire length before stopping in my shoulder.

  • I get the fibro fizz too - often on my scalp for some odd reason

  • Really odd isn't it! Not painful, just odd. Xxx

  • interesting question! my new one is sudden body jerks; i now sit at my sisters & mums dinner table as i am scared of spilling my cuppa on their new sofa's! lol. i don't get any warning when they happen............odd x

  • Grinding arthritis type pain

    Sore hands

    Neck pain


    Burning like being in Hades

    Stabbing random pains

    Electric or bee stings

    Flushing and sweating

  • Aw we really all have a lot of s**t to put up with don't we. No wonder GPS are confused with all this lot!

  • Thanks magic stars-didn't think it would offend as I hadn't typed in full-apologies if I have upset anyone 😳

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