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well ive started the ball rolling , has anyone been to an appeal and how long does it take im so nervous. did anyone see the mp talking on tv this this morning he said if you can use a computer you can work.well when i go on my computer im lying on my bed,and for a lot of people its the only enjoyment they have . being able to use a computer doesn,t mean the pains gone .

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  • Hi have a look at benefitandwork. Site good info good luck

  • thank you will have a look at the site

  • I joined this last night and theres loads of info

  • thank you

  • Hi I went to appeal, and was not succseful but don't let it put you of, I came away feeling like a fraud, you need to prepare well take someone with you but they are not allowed to speak. It's just for moral support. They say they are independent but I don't think they are, you need an answer for every question they put to you eg how far can you walk, can you use a pan to cook with, personal care how do you do these things, say no to everything they say, if you use any walking aids use them, you can tell if you have failed when you leave, even though they don't tell you, if you fail leave it a few months then apply again but this time apply with the help of DIAL they do everything for you and if you have to go to appeal they speak for you and they very rarely fail. I hope I haven't put you of, but that was my experience

    I decided there and then I would not let fibro rule my life like it had for the last 3 years, I stopped all my meds except amitriptaline,it was hard at first now I just live with pain, and I have read all everyone's blog about weight and amitriptalineand have stopped that too because I would sooner be thin and in pain than fat and unhappy, I know it won't help anyone bt it has me

  • thank you so much for your help dido

  • I completely agree. At my last exam for esa I waz labelled "fat and lazy" as they said I made no effort when i was being pulled about. I left in more pain than i went in with. I have another one on thursday! X

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